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#322 Cesar Carruitero - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 11 commits

Hash Date Message
d89b03a 2012-11-09 update syntax and add note about prompt use of HttpHelpe...
477cf31 2012-11-09 correct link syntax [ci-skip]
0500bec 2012-11-09 change rdoc syntax for adecuate render [ci-skip]
5fe385b 2012-11-08 change match to get and add single quotes in routing/red...
3738ef2 2012-11-08 correct double quotes for interpolation in routing guide...
c04abba 2012-11-08 fix bugs in rails_on_rack [ci-skip]
01c7a1e 2012-11-08 update syntax in routing guide [ci-skip]
223ed2b 2012-11-05 fix white spaces
40b0cec 2012-10-21 fix error in AssertTagHelper documentation [ci skip]
0ce7ea6 2012-10-21 update AssetTagHelper documentation [ci skip]
fe5f5d1 2012-10-15 fix link bug in contributing page