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#75 Claudio Baccigalupo - All time
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Hash Date Message
902da27 2014-12-20 Replace with
78ae8ee 2014-12-18 Add docs for ActionDispatch::Http::URL methods
1d19a3a 2014-12-18 Add docs for AS::TestCase::test_order
4c0ef77 2014-12-18 Add docs for Numeric time-related methods
23c8f69 2014-12-18 Replace `#=>` with `# =>` [ci skip]
78789b7 2014-12-18 Add docs for Numeric#*_bytes methods
a4069cd 2014-12-17 Add docs for Time#find_zone
0de9a6e 2014-12-17 Fix docs for AS::Notifications::Event#duration
e07f3dd 2014-12-17 Add docs for AS::Notifications::Event#duration
05affb2 2014-12-17 Replace AS::TimeWithZone#since with alias to +
74baf3f 2014-12-16 Minor typos/fixes to autoloading guide
c5669c7 2014-12-16 Minor typos/fixes to autoloading guide
8dfa585 2014-12-16 Remove misleading test: around_action return false
4b9f129 2014-12-16 Minor typos/fixes to autoloading guide
fec8104 2014-12-15 Fix minor typos in autoloading guide
b7bd7ff 2014-12-15 Add AM test: after/around callback returning false
9a6f20e 2014-12-15 Add AM test for after_validation returning false
8c1889c 2014-12-15 Add test for `:skip_after_callbacks_if_terminated`
3502e6e 2014-12-08 Remove unused "Developer" fixtures from tests
d4fd3a1 2014-12-05 Better doc for AS::DateTime#seconds_since_midnight
d61341a 2014-12-04 Merge branch 'document-time-with-zone-plus-and-minus'
ff90458 2014-12-04 Add docs for AS::TimeWithZone + and -
999603c 2014-12-04 Fix MessageVerifier's #verified in CHANGELOG
d809fc1 2014-12-04 Add documentation to six AS::TimeWithZone methods
e428dde 2014-12-04 Remove "rescue" clause around "require 'openssl'"
9fd4fbd 2014-12-04 Add documentation to MessageVerifier
e6487c7 2014-12-02 Remove unused AV/test/fixtures/scope
78145f1 2014-12-02 Remove unused AV/test/fixtures/happy_path
a0dae41 2014-12-01 Remove one AV fixture (duplicate of an AP fixture)
6a9f892 2014-12-01 Remove unused AV/test/fixtures/blog_public
96d0f75 2014-11-29 Bump required Ruby version to 2.1.0
74dc576 2014-11-29 Remove a reference to Ruby 1.9 in Guides
83821e2 2014-11-24 Mark comments that should not be in the docs
1000e4c 2014-11-21 Move test that depends on ActiveRecord
5aedabe 2014-11-20 Wrap code snippets in +, not backticks, in sdoc
02e821f 2014-11-20 Wrap code snippets in +, not backticks, in sdoc
b0cc858 2014-11-20 Add `:enforce_utf8` option to form_for
753600b 2014-11-20 Document *all* the options accepted by form_for
d4ce2bb 2014-11-11 Remove unnecessary double space
64b0982 2014-10-30 Remove redundant `to_s` in interpolation
352b031 2014-10-29 Remove redundant `to_s` in interpolation
ec981aa 2014-10-20 Remove duplicate 'select' database statement
0ab075e 2014-10-18 Replace (slower) with (faster) yield
6aa115e 2014-10-17 Replace (slower) with (faster) yield
d43b1b0 2014-10-17 Add necessary 'require reverse_merge' to HAWI.rb
dee00df 2014-10-15 Fix how file_ and password_field_tag edit options
a9050e7 2014-10-15 Remove duplicate stringify_keys in text_field_tag
062187e 2014-10-15 Remove broken link
b0ecbc8 2014-10-15 Link to ActiveModel’s README in "Welcome to Rails"
8d66866 2014-10-15 Add ActiveJob to "Welcome to Rails" section
90a0471 2014-10-13 Remove duplicate error message "Couldn't find..."
eddd4d4 2014-09-30 Remove RUNNING UNIT TESTS from ActionPack
0b725aa 2014-09-26 Don’t require already required modules
606ce3f 2014-09-22 Remove wrapping <div> in form helpers from doc
c61544c 2013-11-06 Add +capitalize+ option to Inflector.humanize
72a3dd8 2013-10-09 Add documentation for after_touch [ci skip]
6aa641f 2013-09-14 Remove HelperyTestHelper not used in any test
d6efc1e 2013-09-14 Remove unused AV helper fixtures from e10a2531
d17333d 2013-09-12 Remove unused raw email fixtures
61d2391 2013-09-09 Remove helper fixtures not used in any test
0e56c1d 2013-03-18 Add release dates to documentation [ci skip]
2651810 2013-01-07 Update guides/source/
acc2aa4 2012-12-23 Add release date of Rails 3.2.9 to documentation
e618adb 2012-12-08 Update activesupport/lib/active_support/deprecation/prox...
bb53c60 2012-12-07 Document the types of arguments accepted by AR#not
74e3f30 2012-12-07 Update #where rdoc to match 6ba0f97 [ci skip]
019df98 2012-12-05 Replace comments' non-breaking spaces with spaces
20c03e7 2012-11-30 Remove references to AR::Observer from docs
626086a 2012-11-28 Revert "rails gem has no lib directory to require"
69455e7 2012-11-13 Add release date of Rails 3.2.9 to documentation
4459233 2012-10-08 Remove duplicate 'the' article in commented line
05c6caf 2012-03-01 Add release dates to documentation
6d426b1 2012-01-26 Add release date of Rails 3.2.0 to documentation