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#116 Claudio Baccigalupo - Edge
Showing 22 commits

Hash Date Message
83821e2 2014-11-24 Mark comments that should not be in the docs
1000e4c 2014-11-21 Move test that depends on ActiveRecord
5aedabe 2014-11-20 Wrap code snippets in +, not backticks, in sdoc
02e821f 2014-11-20 Wrap code snippets in +, not backticks, in sdoc
b0cc858 2014-11-20 Add `:enforce_utf8` option to form_for
753600b 2014-11-20 Document *all* the options accepted by form_for
d4ce2bb 2014-11-11 Remove unnecessary double space
64b0982 2014-10-30 Remove redundant `to_s` in interpolation
352b031 2014-10-29 Remove redundant `to_s` in interpolation
ec981aa 2014-10-20 Remove duplicate 'select' database statement
0ab075e 2014-10-18 Replace (slower) with (faster) yield
6aa115e 2014-10-17 Replace (slower) with (faster) yield
d43b1b0 2014-10-17 Add necessary 'require reverse_merge' to HAWI.rb
dee00df 2014-10-15 Fix how file_ and password_field_tag edit options
a9050e7 2014-10-15 Remove duplicate stringify_keys in text_field_tag
062187e 2014-10-15 Remove broken link
b0ecbc8 2014-10-15 Link to ActiveModel’s README in "Welcome to Rails"
8d66866 2014-10-15 Add ActiveJob to "Welcome to Rails" section
90a0471 2014-10-13 Remove duplicate error message "Couldn't find..."
eddd4d4 2014-09-30 Remove RUNNING UNIT TESTS from ActionPack
0b725aa 2014-09-26 Don’t require already required modules
606ce3f 2014-09-22 Remove wrapping <div> in form helpers from doc