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#58 Claudio Baccigalupo - This year
Showing 30 commits

Hash Date Message
050fda0 2015-02-11 Accept a collection in fresh_when and stale?
c7331e0 2015-02-11 Fix wrong kwarg "record" from #18872
124d4d5 2015-02-06 Do not use the same name for two `:belongs_to`
19b4b0d 2015-01-13 Merge pull request #18480 from karpah/patch-1
1af5c96 2015-01-13 Merge pull request #18479 from mechanicles/change-a-to-a...
7d493a6 2015-01-11 Remove unused AV fixtures from AP tests
d3927c8 2015-01-11 Remove unused "deprecated_reload" method
684cbee 2015-01-11 Add test for AM::Validation::Callbacks with :on
e4613c9 2015-01-11 Fix assertion that was never run
9a25603 2015-01-08 Add test/doc for :if/:except in skip_before_action
76dc58b 2015-01-07 Better docs for AM::Lint::Tests
e56ab77 2015-01-06 Fix typo "you can be disable"
283326c 2015-01-06 Better examples for fresh_when and stale?
36effd9 2015-01-04 Remove LoadError#path hack for Ruby 1.9
a856b3d 2015-01-04 Remove Thread hack for Ruby 1.9
185d7cd 2015-01-04 Remove Psych hack for Ruby 1.9
7926ab1 2015-01-04 Remove hack to support BigDecimal in Ruby 1.9
adfeeb0 2015-01-04 Remove unneeded `require 'as/deprecation'`
755dcd0 2015-01-04 Remove deprecated ActionMailer deliver & deliver!
9fe8e19 2015-01-04 Fix docs for ActiveSupport::Inflector methods
9c65c53 2015-01-02 Add config to halt callback chain on return false
f767981 2015-01-02 Deprecate `false` as the way to halt AM validation callb...
91b8129 2015-01-02 Deprecate `false` as the way to halt AM callbacks
bb78af7 2015-01-02 Deprecate `false` as the way to halt AR callbacks
2386daa 2015-01-02 Throw :abort halts default CallbackChains
d217daf 2015-01-02 Deprecate `false` as the way to halt AS callbacks
93dd502 2015-01-02 Loosen test about order of initializers
7cc145e 2015-01-02 Use Active Model, not ActiveModel in plain English
b6f50b3 2015-01-02 Add --skip-action-mailer (or -M) to rails generate
b095bf8 2015-01-01 Fix doc formatting for `count_by_sql`