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#174 Cody Fauser - Rails 3.0.0
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Hash Date Message
b8907d2 2009-01-15 Use :secure key in session_options example instead of :s...
91871f2 2008-09-21 Improve explanation of with_options
17aecd2 2008-09-21 Explain returning in a bit more detail
308456e 2008-09-21 Change 'equals to' to 'equal to'
ce8fded 2008-09-21 Add some documentation and examples for Base64 encode64 ...
03819e0 2008-08-19 Update listing of ActiveResource errors
0619233 2008-08-15 Fix tiny typo in example
47e79cb 2008-08-15 Remove incorrect Active Resource documentation regarding...
11ea3e9 2008-05-23 Fixup weird RDoc markup that does not render correctly
ce63b2e 2008-05-19 Markup inline code in ActiveRecord::Base docs
9226b3e 2008-05-14 Merge branch 'master' of
b8c46c8 2008-05-14 Improve and cleanup ActionMailer documentation