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#64 Damien Mathieu - Rails 3.1.0
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Hash Date Message
f44f412 2011-07-26 use sprocket's append_path and assert_match
038e493 2011-07-24 rake assets:precompile should always perform caching - C...
a96d77a 2011-07-03 all numerics should be html_safe - Closes #1935
827e8a5 2011-07-03 provide a more explicit message when using url_for with nil
f170045 2011-06-28 comparing different classes returns nil
c5b43af 2011-06-28 allow comparison on model objects - Closes #1858
0ee586d 2011-06-17 cherry-pick changes in simple_format from master - Close...
fa55293 2011-06-15 all requests are utf-8. Don't use the external encoding.
f6fe174 2011-06-15 encode the uploaded file's name in the default external ...
9267a43 2011-06-15 simplify to only one condition
dc73c2c 2011-06-09 don't reinitialize the arel_table unless the table_name ...
9cb8a18 2011-05-27 don't raise an exception if the format isn't recognized
a85e00c 2011-05-21 make sure missing method does not fail with arguments
29a5aea 2011-05-21 don't raise NoMethodError the tried method doesn't exists
78e085b 2010-11-08 Use Rails.logger, not ActiveRecord::Base.logger
28474a7 2010-08-31 Fix benchmarking for rails3
414b68d 2010-08-30 fix the cache_fu links