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#64 Damien Mathieu - Rails 3.2.0
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Hash Date Message
c60995f 2011-09-08 better method documentation on disable safe string methods
3718ccd 2011-09-08 remove support of symbols on classify and camelize
e9f48cd 2011-09-08 make gsub and sub unavailable in SafeBuffers - Closes #1555
e0335e2 2011-09-06 add has_key? to ActiveModel::Errors
e8d5920 2011-09-06 #first doesn't take an order in this test
51da1e5 2011-09-05 first and last orders the records by id
5f5527c 2011-09-05 Use LIMIT sql word in last when it's possible
451cdd6 2011-09-05 use LIMIT SQL word in first - Closes #2783
13dd775 2011-08-24 remove useless rescue
838ec4b 2011-08-13 use sprocket's append_path and assert_match
945f0c8 2011-07-26 use sprocket's append_path and assert_match
3348ea6 2011-07-25 provide more explicit test names
07c9ff0 2011-07-25 add test checking that precompiling assets performs caching
ee56f7b 2011-07-24 help the next guy with explanations - See bb3b3e306
bb3b3e3 2011-07-23 rake assets:precompile should always perform caching - C...
2a37136 2011-07-20 missing require of string/encoding to have access to enc...
0c58f39 2011-07-20 fix String#blank? on binary strings.
de20e7c 2011-07-20 Merge pull request #53 from sepastian/master
e722fbb 2011-07-07 remove the warning when testing whiny_nil
dc2d8af 2011-07-03 Load the generators test helper and properly load it's t...
b732724 2011-07-03 all numerics should be html_safe - Closes #1935
ac15bce 2011-07-02 provide a more explicit message when using url_for with nil
eb22c51 2011-06-26 comparing different classes returns nil
bc743dc 2011-06-26 allow comparison on model objects - Closes #1858
9fadf38 2011-06-22 calling unsafe methods which don't return a string shoul...
0438e92 2011-06-15 simplify to only one condition
9791e3e 2011-06-15 allow boolean last argument in memoized methods - Closes...
383fd14 2011-06-14 all requests are utf-8. Don't use the external encoding.
383d56b 2011-06-14 encode the uploaded file's name in the default external ...
84f71e4 2011-06-09 don't reinitialize the arel_table unless the table_name ...
8a0ffa7 2011-06-01 fix creating an empty route on 1.8. Closes #1210
70381cf 2011-05-31 no need for .rb
bb82899 2011-05-31 string inflections are needed for running tests in isola...
16571f9 2011-05-26 don't raise an exception if the format isn't recognized
3d9d9f8 2011-05-24 create the dummy app if there's no test_unit but there's...
79dc275 2011-05-24 properly reference yml alias nodes