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#92 Daniel Schierbeck - Rails 3.0.0
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Hash Date Message
50b3040 2010-02-08 Remove commas
02a31b9 2009-12-21 Fix some more typos in ActionController::Responder
d62661b 2009-12-21 Fix some typos in the docs for ActionController::Responder
5cf7cbf 2009-02-23 Make the 'Guides Index' menu link point to index.html
c2a0624 2009-02-20 Fix code blocks inside info boxes
bf95e5a 2008-12-29 Made code segments and method names have fixed-width fonts
1f31ba7 2008-11-25 Made documentation of validates_presence_of use monospac...
0306fe5 2008-11-05 Improved the use of monospace fonts in the documentation...
51b5db1 2008-09-14 Fixed indentation error caused by the last commit.
93a49c3 2008-09-14 Fixed typo in ActiveRecord aggregations documentation.