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#92 Daniel Schierbeck - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 16 commits

Hash Date Message
a26fc5b 2013-05-10 Don't try to EXPLAIN select_db calls
5f07048 2013-04-16 Extract a base class from ActiveSupport::LogSubscriber
d552d8f 2013-03-07 Use the instrumentation framework to instrument Strong P...
ec23296 2013-02-20 Register trackers on extensions, not handlers
5070370 2013-02-20 Rename ErbTracker to ERBTracker
889bf19 2013-02-20 Extract dependency tracking from Digestor
1879a33 2013-02-20 Allow registering custom dependency trackers
9ca8c63 2013-02-20 Use a thread safe hash
4452849 2013-02-20 Return an empty array if no tracker is found
300868d 2012-04-12 Remove the addition to the guides
1d48e50 2012-04-12 Add changelog entry
5fb6bd8 2012-04-12 Remove Module#delegate!
1bac04e 2012-04-12 Optimize the performance of #delegate
3b1537a 2012-04-12 Document the changes to delegate in the guides
402a119 2012-04-12 Add back the old `deprecate` method as `deprecate!`
2310db3 2012-04-12 Change API docs regarding delegation to non-public methods