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#104 David Chelimsky - Rails 3.1.0
Showing 10 commits

Hash Date Message
7fd726d 2011-07-25 Paramify param values in controller tests.
13950a8 2011-05-17 add more robust test for wrapping params with anonymous ...
14d5e3e 2011-05-17 better test name
29e8ca3 2011-05-17 add failing test for
8d00dfc 2011-04-25 rename test case to better describe use case
220782e 2011-04-23 rename test case to better describe use case
a26d407 2011-04-13 ActionView::PathSet# accepts String or Array
1f06652 2010-11-09 use persisted? instead of new_record? wherever possible
f656796 2010-10-03 Rename _assigns to view_assigns in AV::TC
672ce11 2010-09-24 only abort in test_help in production env