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#267 David Lee - All time
Showing 15 commits

Hash Date Message
002713c 2012-02-22 Add config.default_method_for_update to support PATCH
1cbe917 2011-06-11 There are no snowmen here
fa3fc52 2011-06-11 Make utf8 enforcer param customizeable
91e3046 2011-06-11 Make utf8_enforcer_tag an overrideable method
9b30598 2011-06-11 Remove utf8_enforcer_param config option
d38ca78 2011-06-11 Add acronym support to Inflector; Issue #1366
51cd6bb 2011-06-11 Refactor
f3e8bb8 2011-06-11 Test retain delimiter in parameterization inflector
96acdfb 2011-05-18 Test that HWIA.with_indifferent_access does not return self
fb3ea8b 2011-05-17 Use dup to preserve previous behavior
94617d7 2011-05-17 Optimize parts of HashWithIndifferentAccess
828f171 2011-05-11 Fix tests to reflect IdentityMap no longer default
8366cab 2011-05-11 Test csrf token param name customization
099eb2b 2011-05-08 indifferent access should recurse Hash subclasses
17a91a6 2011-05-07 Logs should show overridden method; Issue 426