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#68 Eileen M. Uchitelle - All time
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Hash Date Message
f32b6e2 2015-03-02 Merge pull request #19147 from gsamokovarov/work-around-...
230393a 2015-03-02 Merge pull request #19169 from hjoo/rake_restart
f08c3f7 2015-03-02 Merge pull request #19106 from teeceepee/patch-1
e1e2b54 2015-03-01 Bump rack-test to fix nil values being sent to `parse_ne...
22e0a22 2015-03-01 Fix segmentation fault in ActionPack tests
58aecb0 2015-02-28 Merge pull request #18965 from hjoo/rake_restart
95ee938 2015-02-18 Freeze strings to reduce allocations in integration tests
e334417 2015-02-18 Reduce the number of times `#clean_path_info` is called
83be869 2015-02-18 Merge pull request #18956 from hjoo/time_option
df3fc94 2015-02-17 Merge branch 'y-yagi-fix_deprecate_msg'
0acd4a5 2015-02-12 Skip url_helpers instead of caching, speed up integratio...
fcfca5c 2015-02-11 Reduce object allocations in ActiveSupport::Subscriber
2f904a5 2015-02-03 Merge pull request #18801 from andreynering/fix-js-link
27aa4dd 2015-02-02 Fix validations on child record when record parent has v...
60543fe 2015-02-01 Cache `url_helpers`
3b63780 2015-02-01 Cache `url_helpers`
b0d87a7 2015-01-02 Cleanup methods, missing spacing and missing nodocs
e9684d6 2015-01-02 Clean up / refactor new reflection classes
17f6ca1 2015-01-02 Refactor `#get_chain` to remove need for `#construct_tab...
4d27d56 2015-01-02 Refactor `#get_chain` iteration to a linked list
f672930 2015-01-02 Assign the `#alias_name` to each reflection
cc9b813 2015-01-02 Pass `connection` rather than `alias_tracker`
16fafd6 2015-01-02 Move `alias_candiate` into `AbstractReflection`
0408e21 2015-01-02 Initialze `#alias_tracker` with base table name
96e277c 2015-01-02 Add `#all_includes` method to reflections
39abe83 2015-01-02 Move `#type_caster` to alias tracker initialize
08acb4b 2015-01-02 Add PolymorphicReflection and constraints method
0766826 2015-01-02 Refactor construct_tables method
5b0b3cc 2015-01-02 Move `#alias_name` to `ReflectionProxy` class
092171d 2015-01-02 Clean up assignments in `#add_constraints`
69d05ae 2015-01-02 Add RuntimeReflection for recursive access to chain
6ecf6bb 2014-12-23 Always add lambda to scope chain to eliminate branch in ...
90077a4 2014-12-20 [ci skip] Improve grammar in configuring serve_static_fi...
6d6f703 2014-12-18 Merge pull request #18087 from georgemillo/patch-2
f5a4ca3 2014-12-16 Merge pull request #18051 from jonatack/patch-14
8009961 2014-12-13 Pass connection rather than alias_tracker
480e911 2014-12-07 Fix grammar of sentence in Reflection documentation
9e7037f 2014-11-25 Combine aliased_table_for and aliased_name_for
4ea3e65 2014-11-05 [ci skip] Fixup spelling and grammar in 4.2 guides
52f65f6 2014-10-25 Merge pull request #17391 from prathamesh-sonpatki/fix-o...
02d3a25 2014-10-04 [ci skip] Clarify deletion strategies for collection pro...
0b6358b 2014-09-04 Always add lambda to scope chain to eliminate branch in ...
8dac515 2014-09-04 Follup to PR #16762
8e9e424 2014-09-02 Break conditional branches into separate methods
9fb1662 2014-08-25 Merge pull request #16689 from ankit1910/improve-english
0e0e0db 2014-08-19 Remove to_s from reflection.type in add_constraints
3efe204 2014-08-18 Merge pull request #16540 from jonatack/patch-9
80af2a4 2014-08-04 Don't delegate Reflection#chain to ThroughAssociation
78ca462 2014-08-02 Merge pull request #16377 from JackDanger/doc-fix-in-ass...
01c80a1 2014-08-02 Deprecate source_macro
377bece 2014-07-31 Refactor join_keys to remove complex conditionals
8d7dea7 2014-07-31 Redefine macro checks for reflections
bd54e19 2014-07-28 [ci skip] Fix documentation for @macro and reflection types
9393068 2014-07-21 Merge pull request #16240 from siddharthbhagwan/master
8c263d5 2014-07-17 Remove need for macro instance var
5a8aa8f 2014-07-08 [ci skip] Add changelog for PR #14899
f8d2899 2014-07-08 Begin refactoring ThroughReflection
1869788 2014-07-07 Merge pull request #16086 from nickpellant/master
bc7030c 2014-07-01 Add regression tests for keys on nested associations
898bc73 2014-07-01 Merge pull request #15997 from cirosantilli/typo
7caceee 2014-06-24 Fixes issue #15671
c36e77a 2014-06-19 Merge pull request #15808 from maurogeorge/guides-custom...
b31a576 2014-06-14 Merge pull request #15724 from akshay-vishnoi/secure_pas...
5823e42 2014-06-11 begin refactoring add_constraints by moving join keys
bfd0159 2014-06-09 reuse available collection? check instead of macro
9eb87fb 2014-06-09 Abstract away use of HABTM macro
5a0b184 2014-06-09 add has_one? method and reuse instead of checking macro
3ef8d53 2014-06-04 reuse available belongs_to? method
46acd8b 2014-06-03 fix polymorphic? method and reuse it
540262a 2014-05-18 early return on delete and destroy methods
34db2b7 2014-05-14 remove count var
05a90c3 2014-05-14 rename delete_all_records to delete_or_nullify_all_records
1c851b8 2014-05-14 remove need for :all symbol
d8ae276 2014-05-14 begin refactoring delete_records method
b342d2b 2014-05-13 remove deprecation warning
dce2385 2014-05-12 flip conditional to use if/else instead of unless/else
255de98 2014-05-05 refactor and clean up delete_all method
748daa3 2014-04-29 add test to check that loaded and non laoded are the same
96f90b5 2014-04-28 clear shouldnt fire callbacks so remove order test
a0401aa 2014-04-28 rewrite test to correctly test clear method
fe5d098 2014-04-28 flip conditional in delete_all to handle nullify better
7ad476b 2014-04-28 remove unnecessary code from delete method
e0e5860 2014-04-28 simplify the delete all w/ dependency method
0d4bf17 2014-04-28 write a new method to be accessed from delete_all
2512bd7 2014-04-07 remove check for present? from delete_all
9534006 2014-04-07 fix CollectionProxy delete_all documentation
49e1743 2014-04-01 refactor assert_sql query to reuse capture_sql
e247f32 2014-03-31 fix delete_all to remove records directly
a116afe 2014-03-31 add test to compare sql statements in delete_all query
a672936 2014-03-31 add capture_sql method to compare sql statements and com...