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#69 Eileen M. Uchitelle - Edge
Showing 30 commits

Hash Date Message
95ee938 2015-02-18 Freeze strings to reduce allocations in integration tests
e334417 2015-02-18 Reduce the number of times `#clean_path_info` is called
83be869 2015-02-18 Merge pull request #18956 from hjoo/time_option
df3fc94 2015-02-17 Merge branch 'y-yagi-fix_deprecate_msg'
0acd4a5 2015-02-12 Skip url_helpers instead of caching, speed up integratio...
fcfca5c 2015-02-11 Reduce object allocations in ActiveSupport::Subscriber
2f904a5 2015-02-03 Merge pull request #18801 from andreynering/fix-js-link
27aa4dd 2015-02-02 Fix validations on child record when record parent has v...
60543fe 2015-02-01 Cache `url_helpers`
3b63780 2015-02-01 Cache `url_helpers`
b0d87a7 2015-01-02 Cleanup methods, missing spacing and missing nodocs
17f6ca1 2015-01-02 Refactor `#get_chain` to remove need for `#construct_tab...
39abe83 2015-01-02 Move `#type_caster` to alias tracker initialize
96e277c 2015-01-02 Add `#all_includes` method to reflections
0408e21 2015-01-02 Initialze `#alias_tracker` with base table name
16fafd6 2015-01-02 Move `alias_candiate` into `AbstractReflection`
cc9b813 2015-01-02 Pass `connection` rather than `alias_tracker`
f672930 2015-01-02 Assign the `#alias_name` to each reflection
4d27d56 2015-01-02 Refactor `#get_chain` iteration to a linked list
e9684d6 2015-01-02 Clean up / refactor new reflection classes
69d05ae 2015-01-02 Add RuntimeReflection for recursive access to chain
08acb4b 2015-01-02 Add PolymorphicReflection and constraints method
5b0b3cc 2015-01-02 Move `#alias_name` to `ReflectionProxy` class
092171d 2015-01-02 Clean up assignments in `#add_constraints`
0766826 2015-01-02 Refactor construct_tables method
90077a4 2014-12-20 [ci skip] Improve grammar in configuring serve_static_fi...
6d6f703 2014-12-18 Merge pull request #18087 from georgemillo/patch-2
f5a4ca3 2014-12-16 Merge pull request #18051 from jonatack/patch-14
8009961 2014-12-13 Pass connection rather than alias_tracker
480e911 2014-12-07 Fix grammar of sentence in Reflection documentation