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#168 Emili Parreño - Rails 3.0.0
Showing 21 commits

Hash Date Message
943c60d 2010-06-03 AR validations & callbacks: update callbacks list
62fd6d8 2010-06-03 add <%= to fields_for examples
344a695 2010-06-02 AR validations: update sections 2.4 and 17.1
785caba 2010-06-02 Routing: fix error in nested resources with name_prefix ...
82f6758 2010-05-31 AR validations & callbacks: update callbacks list
6330e2a 2010-05-28 add <%= to fields_for examples
a447f76 2010-05-15 AR Validations: Errors section updated
0428917 2010-05-13 routing guide: fix typos and clarify code examples
79e5e79 2010-05-12 fix wrong action name [#134]
bcccf92 2010-05-12 complete rake tasks table and fix format
5b95730 2010-05-08 Add index length support for MySQL [#1852 state:resolved]
81807e0 2010-04-30 fix format
a571314 2010-04-26 fix font formats and code examples indentation
c52dbdc 2010-04-19 fix testing guide: fonts and code format
078177a 2010-04-17 fix testing guide: fonts and code format
43d03c3 2010-04-15 fix ActionController font and replace extract_locale_fro...
002da9b 2010-04-14 I18n guide: change ActionController by Action Controller...
5fa70e8 2010-04-09 CL guide: revises fonts in a few places
07b09bd 2010-04-08 CL guide: fix font format in rails plugin section
e399508 2010-04-08 CL guide: convert rails server to shell text
f23fff6 2010-04-08 fix font format in Command Line Basics section