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#23 Emilio Tagua - Rails 3.0.0
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Hash Date Message
4b5f417 2010-06-24 Only yield block if given.
2c203a9 2010-06-24 Remove block definitions in finder methods.
4086ece 2010-06-24 Remove block definition from method, is not needed since...
d9f199e 2010-06-24 Don't define block, just yield if block is given.
fdb7f84 2010-06-24 Remove deprecated block usage in composed_of.
5441e08 2010-06-24 Add tests for relation count. Fix other tests that were ...
12a9e84 2010-06-22 Clean CHANGELOG whitespace.
df595b5 2010-06-22 Use the new query API in AR performance script.
7df105b 2010-06-22 Fix order method to accept relation attributes.
7b7cedc 2010-06-20 Don't waste time building relations if there are no valu...
e061212 2010-06-19 Refactor build_arel: move joins out and simplify havings...
4b4a548 2010-06-08 Avoid PostgreSQL and MySQL tests warnings.
ab2877c 2010-06-08 Add parentheses to avoid warnings when running AR tests.
d103c73 2010-06-08 Bump Arel to 0.4.0
37102a5 2010-03-30 Fix failing test in MySQL.
8d99ec9 2010-03-30 Named scopes shouldn't test equality using to_a if it's ...
7006aa1 2010-03-29 Arel now handles ranges with excluded end.
53ddbfc 2010-03-29 Warn scoped order and limit are ignored. [#4123 state:re...
d06a754 2010-03-25 Remove unused attributes_with_quotes method.
fc2e257 2010-03-25 Move methods from association to relation finder methods.
90a4709 2010-03-25 Refactor relation merging to create just one relation an...
e3a2fae 2010-03-25 Add add_limit_offset! to adapters.
e260d5f 2010-03-25 Require Arel 0.3.2
d289e15 2010-03-22 From and lock should be defined to be consistent with ot...
e08c153 2010-03-10 Arel now fallback to using Arel::Attribute if the table/...
d5f9173 2009-12-31 Add Relation#delete [Pratik Naik, Emilio Tagua]
00cd378 2009-12-29 Relation#count should look for projections in chained re...
5da109d 2009-10-14 Merge commit 'rails/master'
06ad817 2009-10-13 Use ActiveSupport::Callbacks instead of
991d1bc 2009-10-13 Merge commit 'rails/master'
0cf4662 2009-10-08 Merge commit 'rails/master'
c3f9d51 2009-10-08 Updated ARel commit version.
9a958a3 2009-10-07 Relations: Added offset when finding with associations. ...
aadb09b 2009-10-07 Merge commit 'rails/master'
f13a7bf 2009-10-07 Don't send table_name when updating attributes, use the ...
942d4b2 2009-10-07 Don't send table_name when there's no need to.
1d58548 2009-10-07 Allow preload and eager_load to work on relations at the...
c3b4da7 2009-10-06 Merge commit 'rails/master'
97aba35 2009-10-05 Merge commit 'rails/master'
23c168a 2009-10-05 Initial documentation to Base#all.
1daceeb 2009-10-05 Merge branch 'associations_2'
65f055a 2009-10-05 Added eager loading support to Relation and ActiveRecord...
3747f89 2009-10-05 Moved relation's test to relation_test.
9a71b6d 2009-10-05 Merge commit 'rails/master'
61c959a 2009-10-03 Merge commit 'rails/master'
29457a2 2009-10-02 Merge commit 'rails/master'
5f9540e 2009-09-22 Merge commit 'rails/master'
a294d83 2009-09-21 Merge commit 'rails/master'
378b02d 2009-09-14 Updated ARel version.
24260dc 2009-09-14 Merge commit 'rails/master'
0489f0c 2009-09-08 Merge commit 'rails/master'
670281c 2009-09-08 Merge commit 'rails/master'
39e4e76 2009-09-01 Merge commit 'rails/master'
c01c21b 2009-09-01 Added association preload to relation.
6b67df7 2009-08-27 Revert "Revert "Add readonly support for relations.""
f2c0725 2009-08-27 Revert "Add readonly support for relations."
7cce95b 2009-08-27 Add readonly support for relations.
d56e987 2009-08-27 No need to reload the relation table with a method param...
53f6c6d 2009-08-27 Performance: Don't reload ARel relation on update.
e204f80 2009-08-27 Performance: Don't reload the ARel relation on create, d...
1cc0ea8 2009-08-27 Performance: Don't reload the arel_table when destroying.
d395391 2009-08-27 Merge commit 'rails/master'
286f47f 2009-08-26 Remove useless var local definition.
33746c4 2009-08-25 No need to create a new relation if the argument is blank.
5191010 2009-08-25 Merge commit 'rails/master'
09fde64 2009-08-24 timestamps gives a created_at field not created_on.
689b89f 2009-08-21 Revert "Add bench script for ActiveRecord. Ignore log fi...
c57f94d 2009-08-21 Merge commit 'rails/master'
0c6aed0 2009-08-20 Add bench script for ActiveRecord. Ignore log file and t...
a60334f 2009-08-19 Remove useless conditionals/local var.
54fcbb8 2009-08-19 Make sure join association methods are called once.
b324740 2009-08-19 Don't sanitize_sql where it doesn't make sense.
ccf5f2c 2009-08-19 Remove old method and comment.
3e1ef19 2009-08-19 Remove useless InnerJoinDependency, inner joins are perf...
b342728 2009-08-19 Merge commit 'rails/master'
2048556 2009-08-19 Remove whitespace.
c36cfa7 2009-08-18 Remove unused quoted_record_ids, now ARel does this usin...
a09215e 2009-08-18 has_many nullify associations keys using ARel.
a717877 2009-08-18 Remove now unused quote_table_name, ARel does that quoti...
d5476b4 2009-08-18 habtm insertion with ARel integration.
c1f833d 2009-08-18 habtm delete method integrated with ARel.
0abba28 2009-08-18 Call to_sql method on ActiveRecord::Relation instance no...
74ed123 2009-08-18 Override respond_to? in ActiveRecord::Relation to go with
fefb4c7 2009-08-18 Cache arel_table when possible, use class method arel_ta...
0d6997b 2009-08-18 Cache #arel_able when possible.
60926db 2009-08-18 Inline initializer setup.
66fbcc1 2009-08-18 Use immutable relation objects to generate queries.
ac03bc9 2009-08-18 Use explicit method definition instead of metaprogramming.
fa8f5c2 2009-08-18 Relation#joins! should know what to join instead of dele...
08f6af2 2009-08-18 Fix typo in test classname.
79e951c 2009-08-18 Use finder options as relation method names to provide m...
c923409 2009-08-17 Clean up relation joins when finding records with includ...
4b339f4 2009-08-17 Merge commit 'rails/master'
c01c896 2009-08-17 Merge commit 'rails/master'
770fca1 2009-08-16 Remove group when building the relation, it will be adde...
796ec65 2009-08-14 Don't use regular rinder on calculations since scoping o...
48c1e6d 2009-08-14 Merge commit 'rails/master'
9ac01fa 2009-08-14 Use ARel's joins when building a query for finding recor...
b68ef73 2009-08-11 Merge commit 'rails/master'
8c3a6f8 2009-08-10 Merge commit 'rails/master'
10af9fa 2009-08-10 Merge commit 'rails/master'
0e2fbd8 2009-08-10 Merge commit 'rails/master'
eb3ae44 2009-08-10 Merge commit 'rails/master'
9520143 2009-08-08 Merge commit 'rails/master'
ae9e1e9 2009-08-07 Removed unused methods.
d469ad8 2009-08-07 Removed useless OR.
6b5fab9 2009-08-07 Don't scope order in calculations.'
04abe53 2009-08-07 Merge commit 'rails/master'
945ef58 2009-08-07 More work on removing plain SQL from associations and us...
4e86602 2009-08-06 Merge commit 'rails/master'
ae175a5 2009-08-05 Merge commit 'rails/master'
f8eb443 2009-08-03 Added collection iteration to AR::Relation.
31c8353 2009-08-03 Don't use local vars before testing its conditional.
62296a5 2009-08-03 Merge commit 'rails/master'
3de59e9 2009-07-31 Merge commit 'rails/master'
c1cbf02 2009-07-31 Added ActiveRecord::Relation tests. Allow Relation to ac...
ca1e62f 2009-07-22 Performance: cache/reload arel relation when possible to...
5123a23 2009-07-21 Removed unused local variable.
0e0866e 2009-07-21 Introduced ActiveRecord::Relation, a layer between an AR...
f32c370 2009-07-21 Merge commit 'rails/master'
9a28bd7 2009-07-20 Merge commit 'rails/master'
b326fae 2009-07-20 Performance boost for AR#create
046c22c 2009-07-20 Removed legacy test.
87ca87d 2009-07-16 Merge commit 'rails/master'
f4a2356 2009-07-16 Added ActiveRecord::Base#(where|join|project|group|order...
634f671 2009-07-15 Merge commit 'rails/master'
1e2d722 2009-07-07 Adds a audio_tag helper for the HTML5 audio tag. Fixed v...
fb46d00 2009-07-06 Merge commit 'rails/master'
6d4b6a2 2009-07-03 Merge commit 'rails/master'
cd424f0 2009-07-02 Merge commit 'rails/master'
084e4a2 2009-07-01 Merge commit 'rails/master'
260c847 2009-07-01 Create is now powered by Arel. Removed methods that are ...
0f5785c 2009-07-01 Small refactor to update_all.
a9cd9f4 2009-07-01 Merge commit 'rails/master'
cbf8ecc 2009-06-30 Merge commit 'rails/master'
e5b8c44 2009-06-30 Merge commit 'rails/master'
9c70442 2009-06-30 Merge commit 'rails/master'
50f73bd 2009-06-24 Merge commit 'rails/master'
0002fd4 2009-06-23 Updated Arel submodule.
3b27a48 2009-06-23 Refactoring: Calculations now use construct_finder_sql i...
b9088dc 2009-06-23 Merge commit 'rails/master'
4864f92 2009-06-23 Removed unused methods.
02a723f 2009-06-23 Arel now buils SQL queries for associations. Removed old...
bc899fd 2009-06-23 Arel updated. All tests passing for SQLite3 and PostgreSQL.
d587cf3 2009-06-23 Removed old commented code
3e4452c 2009-06-17 Forget about auto scope, it's always explicit.
16ac353 2009-06-16 Merge commit 'rails/master'
34a068d 2009-06-12 Leave the quoting part to ARel
8db190a 2009-06-12 HasOneAssociation inherits AssociationProxy since it sha...
a924b2f 2009-06-12 Merge commit 'rails/master'
247ac95 2009-06-10 Merge commit 'rails/master'
d7b98b3 2009-06-10 Arel updated
d127831 2009-06-10 Merge branch 'update_all'
af9f9dd 2009-06-10 Use array of orders instead of string concatenation
71528c2 2009-06-10 Initial update_all migration
0587462 2009-06-10 Revert "Use ARel in SQL generation through associations"
7be3e3b 2009-06-10 Use ARel in SQL generation through associations
8c3b832 2009-06-10 Use ARel in SQL generation through associations
103b282 2009-06-09 Merge commit 'rails/master'
fd3c55f 2009-06-02 Merge commit 'rails/master'
5255a81 2009-06-02 Updated Arel submodule
2474fbb 2009-06-02 Set ActiveRecord as Arel engine on load.
bbe51a1 2009-06-02 No need to specify the engine now that it is in active_r...
5227119 2009-06-02 Refactors to work with latest Arel implementation.
b3d4054 2009-05-26 Merge commit 'rails/master'
aa55122 2009-05-19 Merge commit 'rails/master'
20deb67 2009-05-19 Add missing models and fixtures [#2673 state:resolved]
1cc4459 2009-05-18 Merge commit 'rails/master'
5463823 2009-05-18 Remove unnecessary condition and local variable [#2602 s...
3db44e9 2009-05-18 Merge branch 'master' of git://
a04dedd 2009-05-18 Merge commit 'rails/master'
28f5cfe 2009-05-18 Add missing model and fixtures to finder_test [#2671 sta...
0048897 2009-05-12 Merge commit 'rails/master'
6c7d8cb 2009-05-09 Merge commit 'rails/master'
8885b2d 2009-05-06 Refactor to calculations. Migration's versions are strin...
118b19a 2009-05-06 Merge branch 'master' of git://
a83a1cc 2009-05-05 Merge commit 'rails/master'
d19d4d2 2009-05-05 Fixes to have all test passing on PostgreSQL.
d3042ef 2009-05-04 Merge commit 'rails/master'
d522b7c 2009-05-02 Revert "Work around count returning string (bug)"
3fd467e 2009-05-02 Refactor to use arel_table method, and also use the same...
c989688 2009-05-02 Removed ARel table assignment
5e790d3 2009-05-02 Merge commit 'rails/master'
9f36431 2009-05-02 Updated ARel
ca0530a 2009-04-30 exists? method now uses ARel
5b61168 2009-04-30 Added arel_attributes_values methods, refactored locking...
0cf54f9 2009-04-30 Merge commit 'rails/master'
b0bd4f4 2009-04-29 Merge commit 'rails/master'
db892ea 2009-04-29 Fix duplicated test name
19d2ff8 2009-04-29 Calculations now use Arel to construct the query.
4246a79 2009-04-28 Show executed queries when assert_sql assertion fails [#...
0905396 2009-04-25 construct_finder_sql now use Arel
0e113a0 2009-04-24 Refactored locking update
649fd10 2009-04-24 Merge commit 'rails/master'
345e686 2009-04-24 Changed locking to use Arel. Arel updated
c0f66b7 2009-04-24 Added ruby-debug
a841cd2 2009-04-23 Fix models load order to be able to run unit tests.
e428c75 2009-04-23 Remove connection method definition, since it's called j...
7958308 2009-04-23 More progress on migrations. Arel updated.
d8f99c3 2009-04-23 Added Arel integration to migration's version update table
0d9f1da 2009-04-23 Arel updated
a934bbb 2009-04-23 Removed blank lines
fdcd819 2009-04-23 Require Arel
3b43d18 2009-04-23 Added arel as a submodule. This is temporary and will ma...
77c6ba9 2008-11-03 Added RJS, memory leaks and plugins chapters to Debuggin...
6744a8b 2008-11-03 Added missing sidebar block closing delimiter.
606b62a 2008-09-16 Updated Debugging Rails Applications: use title case in ...
d551d9e 2008-09-11 Merge branch 'master' of
65c6e22 2008-09-11 Updated Debugging Rails applications guide styles, use b...
d0a2b84 2008-09-10 Include tip for using ruby-debug in development mode wit...
33ee0e3 2008-09-10 Add the description of "Debugging Rails applications" gu...
ba1e303 2008-09-08 Changes on Rails Debugging Guide: added the logger secti...
c6acd29 2008-09-05 Added View Helpers to the Rails debugging guide.
6c51c45 2008-09-05 Rails debugging guide updated.
e38fe94 2008-09-05 Debugging Guide updated after having some feedback on it...
4fd8934 2008-09-05 Updates on Debugging Rails guide.
af04ea8 2008-09-05 Debugging Rails Applications guide updated.
df603e5 2008-09-05 More work on Rails debugging guide.
d6ff065 2008-09-04 Merge branch 'master' of
f250496 2008-09-04 Added prompt, context and references to debugging Rails ...
cb2f5de 2008-09-04 Merge branch 'master' of
62cba9a 2008-09-04 Initial commit of the Rails debugging guide.
3060715 2008-08-06 Added missing opening double quote to doc example in pro...
b32a24a 2008-07-17 Include a :number option example inside Time conversions...
a01a017 2008-05-16 Change migration generator USAGE to explain the timestam...