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#99 Ernie Miller - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 10 commits

Hash Date Message
0c39987 2013-03-05 Fix WhereChain docs to mention only not
9f3b8cd 2012-10-05 Fix has_many assocation w/select load after create
610b632 2012-09-17 Fix collection= on hm:t join models when unsaved
4f107da 2012-09-08 Raise MissingAttributeError on query methods
05136e5 2012-09-03 Make enhanced routing Concerns more tell-don't-ask
4037e31 2012-09-03 Allow routing concerns to accept a callable
eb43d3d 2012-09-03 Fix concerns not executing block in mapper
bf80522 2012-08-19 Fix "last equality wins" logic in relation merge
b127d86 2012-08-17 Fix merge error when Equality LHS is non-attribute
a1c05dd 2012-06-24 Stop assuming strings for grouped calculations