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#215 Evan Farrar - Rails 3.0.0
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Hash Date Message
da96564 2009-05-09 Adds a missing comma in example code.
f3853c7 2009-05-09 Syntax error in example code: not valid to omit parens w...
095bfad 2009-05-09 Tiny syntax error in the action mailer guide.
c7d9757 2009-05-09 The MailingAddress is good design, but it adds some nois...
54b5b06 2009-05-09 Just a fix to the units in the RPM prize 'formula.'
d3b3eb5 2009-05-07 Fixes some typos in the guides.
d2e8cde 2009-05-07 Spelling fixes in activerecord.
a97f3bd 2009-05-07 Some spelling changes.
bf4c336 2008-07-28 The :conditions for calculations are not explained in th...
d4b7cd9 2008-06-05 Mass typo and misspelling fix.