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#371 Evan Phoenix - All time
Showing 10 commits

Hash Date Message
e002a68 2015-02-19 Make the helpers a required argument
43dae99 2015-02-19 Cache url_helpers instead of creating each time
8aadc6f 2013-03-19 Change @env_config to @app_env_config
4f5de7f 2010-03-22 Reset class attribute after changing it
ab3503b 2010-03-22 Remove test ordering bug
0b608ab 2010-03-22 Clear the query cache between tests that test the query ...
79b0861 2010-03-22 Remove obsolete use case that was broken in AR::Observers
a307fd6 2010-03-22 Don't depend on order of elements in Set
1e4be20 2010-03-22 Fix ActionMailer test issues
34497c0 2010-03-22 Remove test ordering bug by using another class