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#302 Federico Ravasio - All time
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Hash Date Message
f120993 2013-11-24 Updated allow_failures for Rubinius 2.2.1.
5f6b7c9 2013-11-24 Use NameError#name to assert raised error.
5541cdc 2013-11-24 Properly fix Rubinius dependencies in Gemfile & Travis i...
0bc95ed 2013-11-24 Raise RuntimeErrors with inspectable and MRI-independent...
ae27dd6 2013-11-01 Added rubysl-rexml to Rubinius deps.
6bb56b2 2013-10-31 Added Rubinius 2 specific dependencies.
f960362 2013-10-31 Updated Rubinius version to 2.1.1
0aeb11e 2013-10-07 Allow methods arity below -1 in assert_responds.
d8537ef 2013-10-07 Assert presence of "frozen" in error message, not the fu...
afd0a8a 2013-10-07 Just change ENV and restore it afterwards.
a9f6c8f 2013-08-21 Skip tests involving $SAFE, it's not supported on Rubinius.
9773d2c 2013-08-21 Added method to skip tests on Rubinius to AS/abstract_unit.
cbd2111 2013-08-12 Rely on NoMethodError#name when deciding to raise Delega...