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#371 Florent Guilleux - All time
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Hash Date Message
336bbb1 2012-12-10 Document adding member route without the option
fb39249 2012-12-01 Add documentation to AssetTagHelper#image_alt [ci skip]
8dc4041 2012-12-01 Revert "Remove trailing whitespaces"
90c887f 2012-12-01 Remove trailing whitespaces
5ff5970 2012-12-01 Add documentation to TransactionIsolationError [ci skip]
daab9bb 2012-12-01 Fix Calculations#pluck doc to mention several attributes...
7ed3890 2012-06-16 Add documentation for ActiveRecord::QueryMethods#reverse...
d62645c 2012-06-16 Add documentation for ActiveRecord::QueryMethods#limit [...
f2f556d 2012-02-27 document how to create non show paths from an array of p...
56efdbc 2011-08-13 Document exclamation point on dynamic finders