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#27 Francesco Rodríguez - All time
Showing 397 commits

Hash Date Message
e2f3e0d 2014-01-25 Remove unused argument.
341b739 2013-07-02 Remove deprecated SchemaStatements#distinct
3107c93 2013-07-02 Add CHANGELOG entry for 1c9f9a2 [ci skip]
fa45401 2013-07-02 Remove `page_cache_extension` deprecated method
1a42f10 2013-07-02 Fix code example in Getting Started guide - fixes #11219...
e7e49a0 2013-07-02 Remove deprecated AR::Connection#clear_stale_cached_conn...
5ba1b59 2013-05-01 Merge branch 4-0-stable of [ci ...
bdba735 2013-05-01 add unreleased header to CHANGELOGs [ci skip]
eea9532 2013-05-01 add CHANGELOG entry for a8ef0bbb [ci skip]
e876f71 2013-04-30 add missing :nodoc: marks to ActiveRecord::Delegation [c...
1dee544 2013-04-30 add missing :nodoc: marks to ActiveRecord::Delegation [c...
1847039 2013-04-30 Fix guide section about assets precompiling task in prod...
d0e05cb 2013-04-30 Fix guide section about assets precompiling task in prod...
918db2c 2013-04-17 add :nodoc: mark to *Registry classes [ci skip]
9e82ffc 2013-04-13 use define_singleton_method instead of class_eval
364f579 2013-04-13 Add :nodoc: mark to PerThreadRegistry#method_missing [ci...
8f199d8 2013-04-13 fix :nodoc: mark on AR::AttributeMethods::Serialization ...
87735d3 2013-04-12 minor edit on StatementCache documentation [ci skip]
062d1f7 2013-04-11 Fix StatementCache docs format [ci skip]
fd2fecc 2013-04-11 Merge pull request #136 from bricestacey/master
525ffc5 2013-04-05 update ActiveRecord::AttributeMethods::Serialization doc...
1df502e 2013-04-05 mark ReversibleBlockHelper as :nodoc: [ci skip]
f8dbe4c 2013-04-05 fix Array#uniq_by! docs [ci skip]
e946c58 2013-04-04 add documentation to Benchmark#ms [ci skip]
a77ad86 2013-04-04 Exclude template files for rdoc API [ci skip]
7755ae7 2013-04-04 fix broken format in Array#to_sentence [ci skip]
4997831 2013-04-04 fix broken format in ActionView::Helpers::AssetTagHelper...
2a16e15 2013-04-04 mark ActionView::Helpers::Tags as :nodoc: [ci skip]
64d8cde 2013-04-03 fix broken format in ActionView::Helpers::NumberHelper [...
919c86d 2013-04-03 mark relation mutator as :nodoc: [ci skip]
79af9e9 2013-03-16 nodoc AR::ConnectionHandling for adapters [ci skip]
16bd04f 2013-02-26 remove private attribute? warning
7487e79 2013-02-26 Add tests for #9441
066ae49 2013-02-26 JRuby does not support racc, include it only in ruby pla...
b8ef4f0 2013-01-18 fix broken examples format in image_tag helper [ci skip]
2aa08e3 2013-01-07 improve StrongParameters documentation [ci skip]
654f0d6 2013-01-04 extract alert= and notice= examples to FlashHash#now [ci...
eb493f5 2012-12-20 update AD::Journey to follow Rails coding conventions
a36ae63 2012-12-20 :nodoc: Journey because is not part of the public API [c...
a1cffa6 2012-12-19 remove code for Ruby 1.8.x support
411e499 2012-12-18 update concerned tests
b565a7a 2012-12-18 fix railties CHANGELOG [ci skip]
9f4386c 2012-12-17 fix AS::BasicObject :nodoc: [ci skip]
c04dc67 2012-12-11 remove attr_protected reference from AS Core Extensions ...
1e83730 2012-12-11 remove Mass Assignment reference from Form Helpers guide...
46d63d5 2012-12-11 remove Mass Assignment reference from Security Guide [ci...
4d6a314 2012-12-09 use default_options= instead of default to avoid confusion
4ec7493 2012-12-08 use _action callbacks in actionmailer
0e027f4 2012-12-08 Fix #assert_instance_method to also assert indented methods
f19e41f 2012-12-08 update guides to use _action callbacks [ci skip]
cd526fe 2012-12-08 fix scaffold controller generator tests
a3c29b7 2012-12-08 use :only instead of :except callback option in the cont...
1b97d41 2012-12-07 add tests to aliased _filter callbacks
5fb94ec 2012-12-07 use `_action` instead of `_filter` callbacks
a53a7be 2012-12-07 update documentation and code to use _action callbacks
f53132d 2012-12-07 fix prepend_before_filter documentation [ci skip]
6ee03a4 2012-12-07 Rename ActiveSupport::BasicObject to ActiveSupport::Prox...
86dd2f3 2012-12-01 ensure original encoding doesnt change
8348225 2012-11-30 hash filters should be accessed with symbols or strings
d168d23 2012-11-29 nodoc AS::Deprecation::InstanceDelegator class [ci skip]
abdfffa 2012-11-29 add documentation to CollectionProxy #length and #size m...
61a7a9f 2012-11-29 add documentation to CollectionProxy#empty?
cd17ee5 2012-10-28 dont encourage AC::Parameters#permit_all_parameters usag...
10f6f90 2012-10-28 AR::AttributeMethods#[] raises AM::AttributeMissingError...
df2b60c 2012-10-27 fix failing isolated tests
10d9cb2 2012-10-27 fix AM::Serializers titles [ci skip]
0703295 2012-10-27 AM::Serializers::Xml depends on AM::Naming
7a36dc7 2012-10-26 update AR::ImmutableRelation documentation [ci skip]
9ac095f 2012-10-26 minor edits and remove mixed titles in AM::Validations d...
65be1a0 2012-10-26 encourage use of Ruby 1.9 syntax [ci skip]
2ef4d5e 2012-10-22 fix output messages - docs [ci skip]
ae27acb 2012-10-22 read_attribute is public [ci skip]
1e5a6c7 2012-10-22 add docs to AR::AttributeMethods::BeforeTypeCast [ci skip]
bc3f960 2012-10-22 improve AR::AttributeMethods documentation [ci skip]
e32bbc1 2012-10-21 fix typo and improve example [ci skip]
c6fb832 2012-10-21 update AR::AttributeMethods::BeforeTypeCast docs [ci skip]
06e908c 2012-10-21 Fix AR::AttributeMethods#[] example [ci skip]
ae057d6 2012-10-21 fix StrongParameters example [ci skip]
4736c14 2012-10-21 nodoc deprecated AR::Fixtures constant [ci skip]
c9a88a2 2012-10-21 minor edits in AM documentation [ci skip]
aceb4a5 2012-10-21 update AR::AttributeMethods documentation [ci skip]
19a2673 2012-10-21 nodoc AR::Generators [ci skip]
98043c6 2012-10-19 truncate debug.log on each test run
feb9c5f 2012-10-19 remove assert_valid method from testing guide [ci skip]
2834454 2012-10-18 add a nested attributes example into Strong Parameters d...
f069ec1 2012-10-18 remove some non-breaking spaces [ci skip]
f12244b 2012-10-18 remove non-breaking spaces [ci skip]
299fee5 2012-10-12 update AC::Parameters#permit documentation [ci skip]
521e2ee 2012-10-07 update Rails::Generators docs [ci skip]
2f1eea8 2012-10-07 nodoc JS::Generators [ci skip]
0ee5433 2012-10-07 nodoc Erb::Generators [ci skip]
4e8ce2c 2012-10-07 nodoc CSS::Generators [ci skip]
eecf14d 2012-10-07 nodoc TestUnit::Generators [ci skip]
3675cd4 2012-10-06 rename private method to avoid overriding
d91bee8 2012-10-06 use Rails backtrace in tests
ca519ee 2012-10-06 bump minitest version ~> 4.1.0
2154215 2012-10-05 add AC::Parameters#permit_all_parameters config option [...
4b3377c 2012-10-05 remove old AR Mass Assignment config options [ci skip]
5af266a 2012-10-05 Merge pull request #115 from ruggeri/master
8b7f353 2012-10-05 delete removed page cache options [ci skip]
d1ae6c5 2012-10-05 use default_static_extension instead of page_cache_exten...
a0d5dca 2012-10-05 update caching with rails guide to reflect action and pa...
ea042ba 2012-10-04 add an entry about AP page and action extraction in the ...
c82cf81 2012-10-04 add CHANGELOG entry for AP page and action caching extra...
aa202ad 2012-10-03 Count returns 0 without querying if parent is not saved
e4d5b69 2012-10-03 rename page_cache_extension option to default_static_ext...
2f81be1 2012-10-03 extract AP Page and Action caching to actionpack-depreca...
76ea63c 2012-10-01 use <url> markdown syntax instead of [url](url) [ci skip]
07a3c21 2012-10-01 fix example in Migration docs [ci skip]
c5647a0 2012-09-30 add change_table transformation to Migration docs [ci skip]
9142da0 2012-09-28 move metal/caching_test into controller/caching_test
2d4b9c7 2012-09-24 update Security guide to reflect mass assignment protect...
530102f 2012-09-24 add a note about DynamicForm in error_messages_for secti...
417aa43 2012-09-23 update AC::ConditionalGet documentation [ci skip]
191ddf2 2012-09-23 update AC::Caching documentation [ci skip]
a045731 2012-09-22 remove added indentation from the last commit [ci skip]
d13cd2a 2012-09-22 update AR::Validations documentation [ci skip]
b21012b 2012-09-22 nodoc AR::Railtie [ci skip]
e3fa841 2012-09-22 remove AC::Parameters reference [ci skip]
6dec753 2012-09-22 update AR::Scoping documentation [ci skip]
0eea22b 2012-09-22 add :nodoc: directive to AR::Fixtures::File [ci skip]
6429851 2012-09-22 fix AR::Coders::YAMLColumn nodoc [ci skip]
c57064a 2012-09-22 update AR/attribute_methods documentation [ci skip]
7e538e8 2012-09-22 fix AR::AttributeMethods::Dirty :nodoc: [ci skip]
e216b00 2012-09-22 fix AR::Associations::CollectionProxy#delete broken docu...
0803548 2012-09-22 update AR::Associations::CollectionProxy#loaded? documen...
fa94246 2012-09-22 fix typos in AC::StrongParameters documentation [ci skip]
3395ebe 2012-09-21 add note about AR#include_root_in_json default in Upgrad...
f4a9d7d 2012-09-20 remove unnecessary entry and make minor edits to AR/CHAN...
a30b8d3 2012-09-20 rename AR::Model::Tag to AR::Tag - fixes #7714
356eed9 2012-09-20 add :nodoc: to AMo::DeprecatedMassAssignmentSecurity::Cl...
1e56f1f 2012-09-20 update AMo::ForbiddenAttributesError documentation [ci s...
6783c3f 2012-09-20 change AMo::ForbiddenAttributesProtection#sanitize_for_m...
00da7c6 2012-09-20 fix typos and improve AC::StrongParameters documentation...
3759e32 2012-09-20 add :nodoc: directives to AMo::DeprecatedMassAssignmentS...
2417218 2012-09-20 update AC::StrongParameters documentation
19a41eb 2012-09-20 update AR::AttributeAssignment documentation [ci skip]
f8478a7 2012-09-20 define permitted? method instead of use an alias to fix ...
93ef857 2012-09-20 update AC::Parameters documentation [ci skip]
2aacee1 2012-09-20 update AC::ParameterMissing documentation [ci skip]
1102aa2 2012-09-20 update AC::ParamsWrapper documentation [ci skip]
efef82f 2012-09-19 fix :nodoc:s in AR::Timestamp [ci skip]
255cefb 2012-09-19 fix Hash#slice code example [ci skip]
e2c7545 2012-09-18 update ActionMailer documentation [ci skip]
eeb9635 2012-09-17 show love to contributors
f7c6da2 2012-09-17 fix rdoc task for Action Mailer documentation
f5654e7 2012-09-17 update ActionMailer::Base documentation [ci skip]
82355df 2012-09-17 update code examples to 1.9 hash syntax in the AR/README...
d71d5ba 2012-09-17 update AS docs [ci skip]
c1c9f1c 2012-09-17 fix AS::OrderedOptions documentation [ci skip]
0aaf87c 2012-09-17 improve AR/CHANGELOG [ci skip]
00fef0a 2012-09-15 update AS/values and AS/xml_mini docs [ci skip]
b0e9433 2012-09-15 update AS/notifications and AS/testing docs [ci skip]
d48163c 2012-09-15 update AS/log_subscriber and AS/multibyte docs [ci skip]
7ef21d8 2012-09-15 update AS/json docs [ci skip]
5ea3f28 2012-09-15 update AS/inflector docs [ci skip]
8673c2e 2012-09-15 update AS/deprecation docs [ci skip]
f210a36 2012-09-15 add :nodoc: to AS::Autoload#extended [ci skip]
2326d46 2012-09-13 fix markdown markup in AR/CHANGELOG
68a8a29 2012-09-13 fix AS/core_ext examples [ci skip]
794a70f 2012-09-12 update AS/core_ext docs [ci skip]
f4e1805 2012-09-12 update some AS code examples to 1.9 hash syntax [ci skip]
ae3965b 2012-09-10 fix punctuation in Getting Started prologue [ci skip]
8cbd563 2012-09-08 set default_headers to nil after use it to avoid order d...
decf4a1 2012-09-08 add :nodoc: to AR::Store::IndifferentCoder [ci skip]
56652a6 2012-09-08 add note about using block form of unscoped in AR Queryi...
65ce6fb 2012-09-08 improve AR CHANGELOG [ci skip]
206d9a7 2012-08-27 ensures that the test repairs the validation setup
2b2fd03 2012-08-27 fix order dependent test in AR::BasicsTest
47cce91 2012-08-26 fix order dependent test in AggregationsTest
73f0afd 2012-08-23 Fix ActionMailer tests that depend on run order
961957d 2012-08-23 Fix ActiveModel tests that depend on run order
cc14a3b 2012-08-23 Fix ActiveSupport tests that depend on run order
bb05d99 2012-08-20 fix punctuation in config templates
cbcfbdd 2012-07-31 fix punctuation in #resources and #match documentation [...
7b7501b 2012-07-31 update ActiveModel::Observer documentation [ci skip]
ab53cc7 2012-07-31 update ActiveModel::ObserverArray documentation [ci skip]
1d537fd 2012-07-31 add :nodoc: to ActiveModel::Observing#inherited [ci skip]
cb15fe5 2012-07-31 update ActiveModel::Observing documentation [ci skip]
d67b289 2012-07-31 update ActiveModel::Serializers documentation [ci skip]
4ff5a5d 2012-07-31 add documentation to ActiveModel #from_json method [ci s...
829ec37 2012-07-30 fix nodoc in metal/live
5906881 2012-07-30 update coding conventions in metal/live
eae1903 2012-07-30 fix typo in metal/live [ci skip]
1ca957c 2012-07-30 fix #after_validation example [ci skip]
ea881ef 2012-07-30 update AR::Validations::AssociatedValidator documentatio...
1cd40de 2012-07-30 update AR::Validations::UniquenessValidator documentatio...
4d17947 2012-07-30 add :nodoc: directives to ActiveModel Sanitizers [ci skip]
c57b8d2 2012-07-30 fix class reference in AM::MassAssignmentSecurity docume...
cb6c3e2 2012-07-30 update ActiveModel::Validations::Callbacks documentation...
097bfc8 2012-07-30 update #validates and #validates! documentation [ci skip]
0557273 2012-07-30 update ActiveModel::Valdations#validates_with docs [ci s...
01e61ee 2012-07-30 update ActiveModel::Validations docs [ci skip]
7850267 2012-07-29 update ActiveModel::Validator docs [ci skip]
f0f7786 2012-07-29 update ActiveModel::SecurePassword docs [ci skip]
79b8778 2012-07-28 add example to ActiveModel::StrictValidationFailed [ci s...
3326b8b 2012-07-28 Backport #6995 to 3-2 stable
b867291 2012-07-28 add example to ActiveModel::MissingAttributeError [ci skip]
ac18d64 2012-07-28 update ActiveModel::MassAssignmentSecurity docs [ci skip]
b8e4f71 2012-07-28 add example to ActiveModel::Naming#model_name [ci skip]
36ebafd 2012-07-28 fix AM::Naming examples [ci skip]
0340493 2012-07-28 update to_param docs [ci skip]
46b24c9 2012-07-27 use 'HTTP_AUTHORIZATION' instead of :authorization as ke...
c74ff7f 2012-07-24 Update performance testing guide [ci skip]
738a0e1 2012-07-23 fix removed ruby tag in commit 890b9dd [ci skip]
b7b97fa 2012-07-22 add :nodoc: directive to AM::ObserverArray internal meth...
12ae9d6 2012-07-21 fixing :nodoc:s in AS::JSON::Encoding
bc65d0c 2012-07-13 add note about requiring gem dependencies before initial...
df10279 2012-07-06 update test_help to config properly turn natural languag...
ae3fdac 2012-07-06 update performance test template to use test method
ca802fd 2012-07-06 add :nodoc: to internal implementations of AM::Validator...
9a7702a 2012-07-06 update ActiveModel::Serialization documentation [ci skip]
70c4676 2012-07-05 fix syntax of AM::Validations::HelperMethods examples [c...
68df230 2012-07-05 update ActiveModel::Validations::HelperMethods documenta...
6e00099 2012-07-05 update ActiveModel::Conversion documentation [ci skip]
b5bb353 2012-07-05 fix quoting for ActiveSupport::Duration instances
4981fa5 2012-07-04 fix link and add activeresource link in release notes pa...
1c5722c 2012-07-03 remove test/dummy from gitignore when "plugin new -T"
b1e509a 2012-07-02 Backport #3329 to 3-2-stable
62463d1 2012-07-01 remove :nodoc: of AR::Scoping#unscoped [ci skip]
9b45f0f 2012-06-30 fix AR::SchemaStatements#column_exists? example [ci skip]
6727e3c 2012-06-30 update AR::SchemaStatements#column_exists? documentation...
debb3a1 2012-06-28 update AR::FinderMethods#exists?(false) example [ci skip]
e2abd8d 2012-06-28 fix ActionMailer::Async docs and update to follow coding...
65362af 2012-06-25 add :nodoc: to internal implementations [ci skip]
809d4f8 2012-06-25 update ActiveModel::Name documentation [ci skip]
5130d86 2012-06-25 fix punctuation in activemodel/errors [ci skip]
87615f2 2012-06-23 update ActiveModel::Naming documentation
956c8e5 2012-06-23 Merge pull request #104 from udaykadaboina/typofix
cca9a21 2012-06-23 update ActiveModel::Model documentation [ci skip]
ffe16b1 2012-06-23 add description ActiveModel::StrictValidationField [ci s...
62a1309 2012-06-22 update ActiveModel::Lint documentation [ci skip]
311810b 2012-06-22 update ActiveModel::Errors#include? documentation [ci skip]
bc7ac33 2012-06-22 add :nodoc: to internal implementations [ci skip]
1727f43 2012-06-22 add documentation and examples to ActiveModel::Errors [c...
629bc03 2012-06-22 change param name to improve documentation
bc818e4 2012-06-22 update ActiveModel::Errors documentation and minor fixes...
d9238d0 2012-06-22 update ActiveModel::Conversion documentation [ci skip]
d569bfe 2012-06-22 update ActiveModel::Callbacks documentation [ci skip]
c3025e8 2012-06-21 add description to ActiveModel::MissingAttributeError [c...
1ce803d 2012-06-21 add :nodoc: to AM::AttributeMethods#instance_method_alre...
95a938a 2012-06-21 add example to ActiveModel::AttributeMethods#undefine_at...
f975c4b 2012-06-21 add docs to AM::AttributeMethods#define_attribute_method...
1cb2cb8 2012-06-21 add :nodoc: to AM::AttributeMethods::AttributeMethodMatc...
b5b350a 2012-06-21 fix ActiveModel::AttributeMethods#alias_attribute docume...
bf3332b 2012-06-21 update ActiveModel::AttributeMethods documentation [ci s...
065e02d 2012-06-20 switch to prototype also modifies application.js [ci skip]
02a4ef7 2012-06-20 remove deprecated methods [ci skip]
12d5732 2012-06-20 update Built-in Rails Helpers section [ci skip]
a59b1ee 2012-06-20 fix typo [ci skip]
949a773 2012-06-19 add :nodoc: to AV StylesheetIncludeTag, JavascriptInclud...
7f66ee9 2012-06-19 add documentation to AS::TestCase#assert_nothing_raised
b912bca 2012-06-19 update AS::Testing::Assertions docs
24587c2 2012-06-19 fix typo [ci skip]
55f8b0d 2012-06-18 add example to AS::Deprecation#deprecate_methods [ci skip]
7fd7747 2012-06-18 fix invalid syntax and sqlite rake failing tests
588e80f 2012-06-18 add :nodoc: to AR::Tasks and update to follow the coding...
b6d2997 2012-06-18 check if sqlite3 file exists before remove
a556c7e 2012-06-18 bump AS deprecation_horizon to 4.0
8247336 2012-06-17 bump AS deprecation_horizon to 4.1
5085380 2012-06-17 add example to AS::Deprecation#silence [ci skip]
a7a4e91 2012-06-16 change not valid syntax [ci-skip]
4d2eb49 2012-06-16 fix example with data: { disable-with: '' } [ci skip]
f20f230 2012-06-16 unnecessary reference to link_to_remote method in rails ...
62f6277 2012-06-15 add example to ActiveModel::Validations#validators [ci s...
eed1cfe 2012-06-12 Fix build
ab11a27 2012-06-06 change AMS::JSON.include_root_in_json default value to f...
1790b23 2012-06-05 add :nodoc: to AS::NumberHelper private methods [ci skip]
5e1d40f 2012-06-05 add instance_accessor option to ActiveSupport::Configura...
20ded91 2012-06-05 add example to AS::Gzip
4072de2 2012-06-05 remove double hyphen that doesn't allow properly parsing
f87820d 2012-05-31 update ActiveModel::Dirty documentation
5db367a 2012-05-29 update Gemfile template to 1.9 hash syntax
5487dab 2012-05-29 fix example format and add markup in Module#mattr_access...
34f82ab 2012-05-29 fix typos on migrations guide [ci skip]
b89553c 2012-05-29 Add tests to delete by fixnum or string id with has many...
39f0698 2012-05-29 Add support for CollectionAssociation#delete by Fixnum o...
501d98b 2012-05-28 change example on CollectionProxy#delete to accept multi...
21fee1b 2012-05-28 add ActiveSupport::JSON.decode documentation [ci skip]
070fb46 2012-05-28 add example to ActiveSupport::JSON.encode [ci skip]
a3d18d2 2012-05-28 fix typo and remove 'examples' noise [ci skip]
a42bc4c 2012-05-28 fix empty lines [ci skip]
0ad2146 2012-05-28 remove :nodoc: from Class#subclasses [ci skip]
c6219b0 2012-05-28 add :locale option to Array#to_sentence documentation [c...
1e1d1da 2012-05-28 add examples to Array#to_sentence [ci skip]
b4f0beb 2012-05-28 update documentation of array/access methods [ci skip]
de64945 2012-05-28 Merge pull request #101 from lazylester/master
4f031c8 2012-05-27 update Module#mattr_accessor documentation [ci skip]
4df16f3 2012-05-27 remove unnecessary ruby 1.8 reference from active_record...
55c0527 2012-05-27 add CollectionProxy#uniq documentation
29713d7 2012-05-27 update Hash documentation with 1.9 syntax [ci skip]
ac50b63 2012-05-27 add examples to Hash#deep_stringify_keys and Hash#deep_s...
7a323e2 2012-05-26 add :nodoc: to CollectionProxy#initialize
bb55f52 2012-05-26 add CollectionProxy#== documentation
f81798d 2012-05-26 add CollectionProxy#count documentation
390d86a 2012-05-26 add CollectionProxy#to_ary documentation
29463aa 2012-05-26 add CollectionProxy#delete documentation
eb2c0a4 2012-05-22 add CollectionProxy#length documentation
f539d98 2012-05-22 add CollectionProxy#size documentation
3e847af 2012-05-22 add :call-seq: to +first+ and +last+ CollectionProxy met...
7e5beca 2012-05-22 add CollectionProxy#create! documentation
9c38cfc 2012-05-22 add CollectionProxy#create documentation
e0859e5 2012-05-22 add more examples to CollectionProxy#find
21f4c2e 2012-05-22 adding :call-seq: to CollectionProxy methods
2c62dd6 2012-05-22 add CollectionProxy#build documentation
d1cab8e 2012-05-22 remove repeated documentation in CollectionProxy#clear
8281194 2012-05-22 update CollectionProxy#clear documentation
1bcd5e4 2012-05-22 update CollectionProxy#delete_all documentation
f9a718e 2012-05-22 add CollectionProxy#delete_all documentation
ab2e2a9 2012-05-21 fix CollectionProxy documentation markup
158a71b 2012-05-21 add CollectionProxy#reload documentation
1f5c1a1 2012-05-21 improve CollectionProxy#destroy documentation
d831734 2012-05-21 add CollectionProxy#destroy documentation
03402d2 2012-05-20 update CollectionProxy#destroy_all documentation
a6940f2 2012-05-19 add CollectionProxy#select documentation
952737a 2012-05-19 add CollectionProxy#find documentation
b0f55c6 2012-05-19 add CollectionProxy#last documentation
75d7101 2012-05-19 add CollectionProxy#first documentation
bc8b7e0 2012-05-19 improve CollectionProxy#concat documentation
970a146 2012-05-19 fix CollectionProxy#<< documentation
bb887b9 2012-05-19 add CollectionProxy#<< documentation
3f46f73 2012-05-19 add CollectionProxy#clear documentation
5111ec4 2012-05-19 add CollectionProxy#include? documentation
ec430d4 2012-05-19 minor fix wrapper tag documentation
1b5c775 2012-05-18 move docs from CollectionAssociation to CollectionProxy
db77b16 2012-05-18 add explanation of raising errors when a limit scope is ...
48acd29 2012-05-18 remove incorrect example of CollectionAssociation#empty?
bf55f28 2012-05-18 add docs to CollectionAssociation#empty?
d029d50 2012-05-18 add docs to CollectionAssociation#any?
10d375e 2012-05-18 add examples to CollectionAssociation#concat
3ef1f94 2012-05-18 fix CollectionAssociation docs
fcc13f4 2012-05-18 add example to CollectionAssociation#destroy_all
c0c0ef5 2012-05-18 add more explanation to CollectionAssociation docs
e66c0fc 2012-05-18 add CollectionAssociation hierarchy
3c91c81 2012-05-18 add docs to CollectionAssociation#many?
ea1477f 2012-05-17 fix CollectionAssociation#replace docs
cd840c3 2012-05-17 Add docs to CollectionAssociation#replace
4bbd05c 2012-05-17 fix validations docs
b1dfcc9 2012-05-16 update AS:OrderedHash docs
3004bc2 2012-05-16 fixing removed empty lines and examples
a9e66c6 2012-05-16 fixing validates_with docs
95e14d1 2012-05-16 better format and fixes to validators docs
d8e8473 2012-05-16 removing 1.8 reference
007c3d8 2012-05-16 better example format in validates_exclusion_of docs
b2f73c4 2012-05-15 Backporting some docs on core_ext/hash
fc0391f 2012-05-15 Removing ==Examples and last blank lines of docs from ac...
00c94d7 2012-05-14 updating define_attribute_methods documentation
05234b3 2012-05-14 allow define_attribute_methods to pass multiple values
17059a4 2012-05-14 Removing ==Examples and last blank lines of docs from ra...
d7c4d0c 2012-05-14 adding examples to deep_dup method
fa03e37 2012-05-14 removing unnecessary 'examples' noise from activesupport
bbd3775 2012-05-14 Fixing Hash#stringify_keys docs
16301cc 2012-05-13 marking self in Hash#symbolize_keys!
92dbdb2 2012-05-13 added example to Hash#symbolize_keys
817f9e6 2012-05-13 unnecessary 'examples' noise in Hash#assert_valid_keys docs
cb61f57 2012-05-13 added example to Hash#stringify_keys
873ac28 2012-05-13 adding examples to Hash#deep_merge method
53b12cf 2012-05-13 fix todo: use minitest skip instead of return nil
2f4696d 2012-05-13 adding examples and docs
c78c295 2012-05-12 added examples to Integer#multiple_of?
fc6ab69 2012-05-12 removing trailing spaces
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039917b 2012-05-10 Remove key argument from run_callbacks to fix build
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ba48e23 2012-05-09 Fix build
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4831a89 2012-05-08 added docs to alias_attribute method
2805c28 2012-05-08 added docs to cattr_reader
1ff3530 2012-05-08 better docs for cattr_accessor and cattr_writer
2fb6d12 2012-05-07 added docs and examples to cattr_writer method
7b487e5 2012-05-07 added docs to cattr_accessor method
17ef794 2012-05-07 adding example about using cattr_accessor with subclasses
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9f3637f 2012-05-07 adding observer example
4657dba 2012-05-02 Fix #4979 against 3-2-stable - delete_all raise an error...
2f68125 2012-04-30 delete_all raise an error if a limit is provided - fixes...
6659252 2012-04-29 fix typo in ActiveSupport::Inflector#titleize