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#41 Frederick Cheung - Rails 3.0.0
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Hash Date Message
235775d 2009-05-10 honour :inverse_of for joins based include
ef6f22a 2009-05-10 honour inverse_of when preloading associations
94fde8c 2009-01-26 more corrections
d28045f 2009-01-26 corrections from Xavier
9a5c2d3 2009-01-26 remove stray backslashes
a1fe722 2009-01-25 More minor corrections
f4c7d42 2009-01-25 Some minor typos and corrections
56be53f 2009-01-25 etc... => etc.
893d053 2009-01-25 no to excessive capitalisation
b3fd79d 2009-01-25 Rails.root instead of RAILS_ROOT
16f2215 2009-01-25 AJAX => Ajax
cbb6cfd 2009-01-25 point people in the direction of attr_accessible etc...
c6dbd5f 2009-01-25 some missing fixed width words
098dc68 2009-01-25 don't use short form of form_for before it's been introd...
279ec81 2009-01-25 tweak section name
14dd6c4 2009-01-25 add warning about options_from_collection_for_select
13e4b02 2009-01-25 find :all -> .all
bf26f42 2009-01-25 clarify wording around second arg to options_for_select
add4e87 2009-01-25 lisabon -> lisbon
0aef499 2009-01-24 when mentionning csrf link to the security guide
d40ed8e 2009-01-24 tidy up dealing with model objects helpers section
9b93620 2009-01-24 could -> can when appropriate
10dc4bf 2009-01-24 tidyup section on select boxes
fd10f70 2009-01-24 Tidy up section on dates and times (and add brief blurb ...
dcb2971 2009-01-24 fix some typos in parameter names section
ba3c9ba 2009-01-24 attributions belong at the bottom
231069e 2009-01-23 update with some of fxn's corrections
41af666 2009-01-19 Fix asciidoc formating
0de89f8 2009-01-19 link to the validations guide
b9efc8a 2009-01-19 rename some sections
a0b2223 2009-01-19 rename section
e8c50fc 2009-01-19 Rearrange sections on basic form helpers/form_for
5ccc37e 2009-01-19 tidy up some wording
e285ce8 2009-01-19 move section on uploads up
2518322 2009-01-04 Merge branch 'master' of
33fe26e 2009-01-04 fix typos etc. picked up by Xavier
ccae605 2009-01-01 Mention another complex forms plugin
527ee9b 2009-01-01 Add stub section on complex forms until a definitive sol...
15b9cbb 2009-01-01 merge work on form helpers guide
56634a1 2009-01-01 claridy handling missing files
1dd3df3 2009-01-01 Bevy of typo corrections
d99fa39 2009-01-01 first stab at the section on file uploads
68ddc72 2009-01-01 Delete todo section
f7f1bb7 2009-01-01 info on namespaces
2e1cd2e 2009-01-01 Rearrange the date and form builder sections
e94dfb2 2009-01-01 Flesh out the section on parameter names
ebfa76e 2009-01-01 move the fields_for/form builder section higher up
2ea0c3d 2009-01-01 waffle about parameter names and fields_for
32fee81 2009-01-01 Clarify fields_for and form builders
d9e6413 2009-01-01 explain fields_for
3825f17 2009-01-01 Fix :include of has_many associations with :primary_key ...
27cfeb7 2009-01-01 Fix :include of has_one with :primary_key option
373e94a 2009-01-01 Fix to_sentence being used with options removed by 273c77
f207129 2008-12-31 First draft of section on parameter names
0ac7a93 2008-12-31 Added section on date/time helpers
70ad0b5 2008-12-31 country_select url
c525059 2008-12-31 typos
c3dae67 2008-12-31 minor clarifications
074b113 2008-12-31 Warning about using select on associations
904b3d8 2008-12-31 Fix one last remaining 'we'
ddd1aa2 2008-12-31 ActiveRecord -> Active Record
85b22f7 2008-12-31 put credits at end, consistent with other guides
a8ca7c0 2008-12-31 exorcise we/us/ours
1f3db5a 2008-12-31 clarify option value
8f9f3e6 2008-12-31 fix mistakes from merge
66b8812 2008-12-31 Tidy up discussion of second hash passed to form_tag/htm...
6c8974e 2008-12-31 Waffle about the difference between text_field and f.tex...
7156d58 2008-12-31 Add warning
092b1d8 2008-12-31 Stylistic tweak
73ebb26 2008-12-31 describe foo_tag versus foo
d6c38f1 2008-12-31 Describe options_from_collection_for_select
b3f265a 2008-12-31 fix typo
9952435 2008-12-15 Fix formatting typo
f2b69d5 2008-12-14 Fix typo
5745b25 2008-12-10 Fix example using wrong method name
5d95437 2008-09-14 Add link to ticket
e7c852f 2008-09-14 Start authors section and link to it from migrations guide
dd54f41 2008-09-14 Use a better example
25fd841 2008-09-13 Final batch of corrections
63b615c 2008-09-12 mention that innoDB is the default
99acfb5 2008-09-12 Revert "mention that InnoDB is actually the default"
194e972 2008-09-12 mention that InnoDB is actually the default
5ad2bce 2008-09-11 Add an example
bb52108 2008-09-11 Fix typo
c329a56 2008-09-11 Mention schema.rb as a place for seing model attributes
c6da7c5 2008-09-11 Fixed many typos
de96f92 2008-09-09 Add some cross links
fd8c384 2008-09-09 typo
cbfeaa2 2008-09-09 add foreign keys section
5e4aa0c 2008-09-09 make more explicit benefits of migrations and ruby vs mysql
d7c6812 2008-09-08 Merge branch 'master' of
d24536b 2008-09-08 expand the schema section
3be1601 2008-09-07 Style regular font for constants
331f9fd 2008-09-07 Merge branch 'master' of
22c8ebe 2008-09-07 ActiveRecord -> Active Record
5f45670 2008-09-07 Add to the preamble
e4167b8 2008-09-07 Stylistic cleanups
67f50bd 2008-09-07 Fixed typo
2643be0 2008-09-07 Merge branch 'mig_guide'
87211fb 2008-09-07 Initial draft
c9c4f7b 2008-05-18 Update documentation on :include.