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#266 Gabriel Horner - Rails 3.1.0
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Hash Date Message
06c6252 2011-07-23 simplify and be more explicit about create and after_ini...
cc446d6 2011-03-29 Add docs for ActionController::Metal class methods
6c309f0 2011-03-19 Beef up Rails::Railtie::Configuration docs
61781d8 2011-03-15 doc :anchor option for #match in routes
b3dad5d 2011-02-10 add some docs for ActionController::Renderers
277327b 2011-02-05 improve routing docs, mostly for #match
ac15647 2011-02-04 keep options titles consistent to "Options"
c0b4db0 2011-02-03 fix OrderedHash#each* methods to return Enumerators when...
9a0f43d 2011-02-02 OrderedHash#each* methods return self like Hash does [#6...
d1ef543 2011-01-29 explain different ways to use match()
fab16fd 2011-01-29 organize and expand on options for routing methods
38d728f 2011-01-29 add cross-references and documentation for scope
49744bd 2011-01-29 fix cross-references in HttpHelper methods