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#90 Gaurish Sharma - This year
Showing 17 commits

Hash Date Message
78788ad 2014-07-19 Performed Returns true if redirect/render has happened
04e1281 2014-07-12 Add link to minitest rdoc & github
4d3f43f 2014-07-07 Prefer find_by over where.first for record
4a43769 2014-05-04 Document ActionController::TestCase::Behavior#process
e5ac6c8 2014-05-04 Fix Formatting in AR Readme
e1c5d24 2014-04-21 Revert "update doc, assert_template also accepts false"
28bd442 2014-04-21 Running AR tests on postgres, mysql & sqlite
2aef9fd 2014-04-20 Document ActionController::TestCase::Behavior::ClassMeth...
9b1c077 2014-04-19 update doc, assert_template also accepts false
0fd301a 2014-04-19 Remove reference to outdated section
5d5b7c5 2014-04-08 Instead boat load of libraries, simply say StdLib
38ad543 2014-04-05 Improve Contributing to Rails Guide
15a18c1 2014-03-27 Clarify environment_name for logs
b91d761 2014-02-23 Tweak Configuring Guide language
395bcb5 2014-02-09 `Rails.threadsafe!` mode is deprecated
35e56f6 2014-01-13 standardize on jruby_skip & rbx_skip
4aca806 2014-01-12 Skip Spring App Generator tests on JRuby