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#161 Genadi Samokovarov - All time
Showing 28 commits

Hash Date Message
872e22c 2015-02-01 Show proper traces on Windows for the error pages
dd96e8e 2014-12-10 Add class level case operator support for error dispatch...
7f864cc 2014-11-26 Use web_console 2.0 for 4.2.0.rc1 release
5394f56 2014-11-25 Remove Web Console /console references in the guides
12a468f 2014-11-24 Don't center the routes table on routing errors
92ace39 2014-11-24 Show source view and backtrace on missing template errors
ff19027 2014-11-16 Don't double check trace origin in ExceptionWrapper#traces
2301d8c 2014-11-16 Don't show full trace on routing errors
20ad04e 2014-11-16 Rename #source_extract to #source_extracts in ExceptionW...
e05714f 2014-11-16 Don't let #{application,framework,full}_trace be nil
5007929 2014-11-13 Add basic tests for ActionDispatch::ExceptionWrapper
c7f2ee2 2014-11-03 Move DebugExceptions#traces_from_wrapper to ExceptionWra...
f37ad33 2014-09-19 [ci skip] Reword a comment in concern's documentation
6964d5d 2014-08-24 Describe web-console in the release notes [ci skip]
e40872f 2014-08-20 Synced Active Support release notes [ci skip]
5407084 2014-08-19 Mention web-console in 4.2 release notes
07ca1d3 2014-08-17 Lock web-console to 2.0.0.beta1 for the first 4.2 beta
2efc64c 2014-05-13 Remove falsy deprecation note in AS guides [ci skip]
6329d9f 2013-12-02 Remove deprecated cattr_* requires
7dfbd91 2013-12-02 Unify cattr and mattr accessors declarations
b4fd1e3 2013-09-24 Add a CHANGELOG entry about Web Console inclusion
344882e 2013-09-24 Include web-console in new projects Gemfile
3db80b5 2013-07-05 Cleanup ul_encoded_params_parsing_test
269b463 2013-07-01 Further clean-up of ActiveSupport::Callbacks
50be56d 2013-06-12 Refactor of ::Rails module
998d03f 2013-06-04 Refactor ActionDispatch::Http::Parameters#normalize_enco...
e4fd226 2013-06-04 Dry-up ActionDispatch::Routing autoloads
5438f68 2013-05-30 Extract ActionDispatch::Request#deep_munge