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#172 Genadi Samokovarov - This month
Showing 10 commits

Hash Date Message
7f864cc 2014-11-26 Use web_console 2.0 for 4.2.0.rc1 release
5394f56 2014-11-25 Remove Web Console /console references in the guides
12a468f 2014-11-24 Don't center the routes table on routing errors
92ace39 2014-11-24 Show source view and backtrace on missing template errors
ff19027 2014-11-16 Don't double check trace origin in ExceptionWrapper#traces
2301d8c 2014-11-16 Don't show full trace on routing errors
20ad04e 2014-11-16 Rename #source_extract to #source_extracts in ExceptionW...
e05714f 2014-11-16 Don't let #{application,framework,full}_trace be nil
5007929 2014-11-13 Add basic tests for ActionDispatch::ExceptionWrapper
c7f2ee2 2014-11-03 Move DebugExceptions#traces_from_wrapper to ExceptionWra...