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#31 Godfrey Chan - Edge
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Hash Date Message
317d049 2014-11-23 Correct example in the engines testing guide [ci skip]
b7b9e92 2014-11-23 Correct example in the engines testing guide [ci skip]
77a2764 2014-11-23 Test using `ActionController::TestCase` with engines
ede97c6 2014-11-23 Merge pull request #17715 from tgxworld/fix_nil_anchor
b33ed44 2014-11-22 Remove outdated comments [ci skip]
3098579 2014-11-18 Revert "[PERF] Speed up integer type casting from DB"
52c70d4 2014-11-18 :nail_care: Put escape clause first, keeps @sgrif happy ...
6f7910a 2014-11-18 [PERF] Speed up integer type casting from DB
c772755 2014-11-17 Meant to describe the concept, not the setting [ci skip]
a6de6f5 2014-11-17 Deprecate different default for `log_level` in production
402cc9f 2014-11-17 Revert "Merge pull request #16622 from matthewd/default-...
6625000 2014-11-10 Remove useless `only_path: true` in path helpers
aa6637d 2014-11-10 Pass the route name explicitly
7017761 2014-11-01 Revert "development.rb should mention available log levels"
4daebed 2014-10-30 Prepare for 4.2.0.beta4 release
c747d4c 2014-10-30 Use released arel
777142d 2014-10-28 Typos in the deprecation message
0cd6c08 2014-10-28 Mention only_path deprecation in release notes [ci skip]
aa1fadd 2014-10-28 Deprecate the `only_path` option on `*_path` helpers.
cd2d366 2014-10-24 Revert a change made to the example in 1ac4525
016af48 2014-10-24 Merge pull request #17377 from aripollak/dry-try-bang
04b40b3 2014-10-22 Update CHANGELOG and release notes for e98f2a7
07b80c1 2014-10-22 Merge pull request #17361 from aripollak/try-bang-parity
7bcffb5 2014-10-21 Oops, missed a closing bracket [ci skip]
87e10ca 2014-10-21 Merge pull request #17336 from rebyn/patch-1
9bbff50 2014-10-19 :nail_care: it's -> its (see comments on 9a586ac)
62f96c9 2014-10-15 Make the config actually copyable
1b38d05 2014-10-15 :scissors: duplicated `require`s
391cfc2 2014-09-25 Fix actionpack test cases broken by #16888
b5571b3 2014-09-25 Revert "Revert "Merge pull request #16888 from jejacks0n...
b008e4b 2014-09-25 Use released rails-html-sanitizer and rails-deprecated_s...
585e756 2014-09-22 Revert "Merge pull request #16888 from jejacks0n/render_...
ca67632 2014-09-22 Move the array to a constant
b52add7 2014-09-22 Merge pull request #16851 from prathamesh-sonpatki/menti...
4dfbfc7 2014-09-22 Merge pull request #16985 from matthewd/no-isolated-for-prs
b04ac97 2014-09-22 CHANGELOG for 07635a7
07635a7 2014-09-22 Merge pull request #16888 from jejacks0n/render_template
3e27a03 2014-09-21 Merge pull request #16984 from chancancode/fix_16578
5919cce 2014-09-21 Document that the default for `rails server -b` has changed
1a2e3a0 2014-09-20 No need to call to_sym here
90f9968 2014-09-20 Fix find_by with associations not working with adequate ...
793e4aa 2014-09-20 Quick fix to address the borken build caused by #15791
a3a8a69 2014-09-15 Merge pull request #16922 from y-yagi/add_test_jobs_task
c563656 2014-09-09 :scissors: "now" [ci skip]
44a9028 2014-09-09 Merge pull request #16846 from prathamesh-sonpatki/docum...
2b41343 2014-09-08 Default to sorting user's test cases for now
381f993 2014-09-06 Dependencies: bump to jquery-rails 4.0.0.beta2
b1bc95b 2014-09-06 Use the released jquery-rails gem
a8827cb 2014-09-05 Fixed regression with referencing polymorphic assoc in e...
94b7328 2014-09-04 Enums shouldn't ruin people's anniversaries
3bac1cb 2014-09-01 Merge pull request #16763 from brainopia/patch-1
0db179a 2014-08-31 Keep it closer to the original wording [ci skip]
c67c5e6 2014-08-30 Bring back the test cases for `presence`
4445478 2014-08-29 Merge pull request #16746 from cristianbica/fix-backburn...
8c52480 2014-08-28 Avoid using heredoc for user warnings
37939e2 2014-08-26 Override #find_by! in core to enable AST caching
58c5261 2014-08-26 Fixed find_by("sql fragment without bindings") on master
ba1d02d 2014-08-24 Merge pull request #16667 from JuanitoFatas/patch/anchor...
4287f6d 2014-08-24 CHANGELOG & improvements to #16649
5b27d15 2014-08-24 Merge pull request #16649 from Agis-/pg-columns-for-dist...
75fafc7 2014-08-20 Copy & paste fail [ci skip]
71c8a85 2014-08-20 :nail_care: The note doesn't look good on the blue backg...
657436d 2014-08-20 :bomb: oops, it should be 4.2 that's WIP [ci skip]
1a1f2e1 2014-08-20 Some placeholders for the 4.2 upgrade guide [ci skip]
2d24eb4 2014-08-20 Clearly mark these as WIP, and invite people to contribu...
a568260 2014-08-20 List the 4.2 release notes in the index, mark it as WIP ...
d8db05f 2014-08-20 Major features in 4.2 release notes [ci skip]
f288533 2014-08-20 Synced AR release notes [ci-skip]
e40872f 2014-08-20 Synced Active Support release notes [ci skip]
9733dc5 2014-08-20 Synced Active Model changelogs [ci skip]
f2dda9f 2014-08-19 Sync Action Mailer release notes [ci skip]
b082418 2014-08-19 Sync Action View release notes [ci skip]
96b58bb 2014-08-19 Mention deprecation of assert_select and friends in the ...
0d4d52a 2014-08-19 Add missing require
879dde9 2014-08-18 Merge pull request #16537 from arthurnn/stop_swallowing_...
be69024 2014-08-18 Sync action pack release notes [ci skip]
d424df0 2014-08-18 :nail_care: [ci skip]
e759b52 2014-08-18 Sync railties release notes [ci skip]
e158ee5 2014-08-17 Use AS::JSON for (de)serializing cookies
a485633 2014-08-17 `responders` 1.x won't do it. Told you to RTFM for details!
a5e2d2e 2014-08-17 Merge pull request #16458 from chancancode/ar_fix_reserv...
b662273 2014-08-17 The gem is called 'responders'
24226c5 2014-08-17 Raise a more helpful error for people who are using thes...
69ed422 2014-08-17 Fixed broken reference caused by 14965ba
beff925 2014-08-17 Merge pull request #16467 from strzalek/cookies-digest-c...
14965ba 2014-08-17 Merge pull request #16484 from strzalek/remove-redundant...
d202706 2014-08-17 Merge pull request #16189 from sgrif/sg-attribute-was-in...
008f3da 2014-08-17 Don't expose these new APIs yet (added in 877ea78 / #16189)
2faacbd 2014-08-15 Merge pull request #16435 from arthurnn/after_commit_run...
2638d5c 2014-08-11 Fixed issue w/custom accessors + reserved name + inherit...
49798b5 2014-08-11 Merge pull request #16300 from vast/mention-changes-to-n...
540bc3d 2014-07-29 Merge pull request #16148 from rails/fix_json_autoload
bf7fbe6 2014-07-29 Fixed a compatibility issue with the `Oj` gem
5de072c 2014-07-29 Added failing test case for #16131
dc59a08 2014-07-18 Merge pull request #16221 from arthurnn/14886_pr
b062d5d 2014-07-17 Merge pull request #16201 from noinkling/master
a00f547 2014-07-16 Merge pull request #15718 from chancancode/regression_fr...
dc0d303 2014-07-15 Merge branch 'master' of git://
da6472c 2014-07-15 Document the change in `nil` handling for serialized att...
cd809fd 2014-07-15 Fixed SQL syntax for postgresql
f4c8a4b 2014-07-15 Merge pull request #16162 from chancancode/fix_json_coder
a66aeb8 2014-07-15 Revert "Revert "Merge pull request #16059 from jenncoop/...
dffc6a4 2014-07-15 Add CHANGELOG entry for #15266
473b09f 2014-07-15 Merge pull request #15266 from dv/use_counter_cache_for_...
9386ddf 2014-07-14 Format pass on 4.2 release notes [ci skip]
00aae7c 2014-07-11 Synced 4.2 release notes with the latest commits.
e22e1c0 2014-07-11 Fixed borken tests in AV caused by 013c74d
013c74d 2014-07-10 Removed single space padding from empty response body.
6f3c64e 2014-07-05 Revert "Merge pull request #16059 from jenncoop/json-ser...
a030977 2014-07-05 Merge pull request #16059 from jenncoop/json-serialized-...
c031016 2014-07-05 Fix mysql/mysql2 failing with FK constraint errors
6787507 2014-07-05 Re-enable foriegn key tests on MySQL
cce376c 2014-07-03 :fire: these are lambdas now [ci skip]
f2fc314 2014-07-02 Add CHANGELOG for c803b90
268a29d 2014-07-02 The hex escape sequence can be of any length
9eb15ed 2014-07-02 Only automatically include validations when enabled
6ee1796 2014-07-02 Merge pull request #16001 from johnpaulashenfelter/jp_fi...
74cec95 2014-06-29 Merge pull request #15977 from sgrif/sg-remove-array-hack
e4ad47f 2014-06-29 Merge pull request #15978 from sgrif/sg-pg-array-member
7a52d6b 2014-06-29 Merge pull request #15983 from sgrif/sg-inline-point
374958b 2014-06-29 Merge pull request #15976 from sgrif/sg-attribute-exists
d9827ca 2014-06-29 Merge pull request #15982 from sgrif/sg-attr-set-map-values
a607fd2 2014-06-29 Merge pull request #15979 from sgrif/sg-json-quoting
e6ca8e2 2014-06-28 Merge pull request #15951 from pcreux/fix-mysql-test-fk
6a1af00 2014-06-27 Merge pull request #15949 from pcreux/fix-add-foreign-ke...
5add8b8 2014-06-26 :nodoc: our SecureRandom patches [ci skip]
0ab163d 2014-06-14 Edit pass on `has_secure_password` documentation [ci skip]
34221cd 2014-06-14 Merge pull request #15717 from akshay-vishnoi/test-cases
dd1ec62 2014-06-14 Fixed a regression introduced in 84cf156
ee4e86f 2014-06-14 Cleaned up the `has_secure_password` test cases
c416bb8 2014-06-14 Added changelog for #15708 [ci skip]
6fa7726 2014-06-14 Merge pull request #15708 from akshay-vishnoi/secure_pas...
1ed19fc 2014-06-13 First pass at Rails 4.2 release notes [ci skip]
2a6f428 2014-06-04 Cleaned up duplicated CHANGELOG entry [ci skip]
f1eddea 2014-05-30 :scissors: removed deprecated `Numeric#ago` and friends
3bc684b 2014-05-23 Merge pull request #15289 from zzak/future_port_c8ddb61
28d52c5 2014-05-22 Avoid slowing down AR object initialization
2d73f5a 2014-05-22 Fixed serialization for records with an attribute named ...
b470d85 2014-05-17 Merge pull request #15144 from leafac/fix-changelog-#15071
9900703 2014-05-16 Merge pull request #15125 from arthurnn/small_refactorin...
522110a 2014-05-14 Merge pull request #15100 from eileencodes/remove-deprec...
c29474e 2014-05-12 typo: resulution -> resolution [ci skip]
074c8ef 2014-05-09 Merge pull request #15045 from xanhast/patch-1
d2061a2 2014-05-08 Merge pull request #15020 from ivantsepp/contributing_to...
bab48f0 2014-05-08 Merge pull request #15016 from arthurnn/dup_attr_on_save...
16cc914 2014-04-27 Revert "Don't rely on Arel master in bug report template...
2a412b3 2014-04-23 Fixed an issue with migrating legacy json cookies.
6642407 2014-04-19 Merge pull request #14810 from robin850/patch-18
77692ff 2014-04-08 Ensure we are looking with string keys
a5664fe 2014-04-08 Follow up to bbe7fe41 to fix enum leakage across classes.
945dd25 2014-03-29 Ensure we are returning either `true` or `false` for `#==`
bcf3a82 2014-03-23 Merge pull request #14450 from vlal/vlal-rails
3980d40 2014-03-20 The digest option is no longer honoured since Rails 3.0 ...
7f7a40f 2014-03-20 Merge pull request #14433 from adomokos/cleaning_up_and_...
3dad856 2014-03-19 Added a warning about serializing data with JSON cookie ...
4279a75 2014-03-18 Merge pull request #14413 from arthurnn/port_test_cc
6d5724d 2014-03-14 Merge pull request #10278 from codeodor/fix-to_json-for-...
3560d7a 2014-03-13 Merge pull request #14378 from afshinator/master
229dd87 2014-03-13 Merge pull request #14376 from laurocaetano/test-depreca...
ccaf0ed 2014-03-11 Merge pull request #14345 from arthurnn/revert_14052
740862a 2014-03-10 Merge pull request #14334 from kennym/master
ccf8f27 2014-03-05 Revert "Merge pull request #14269 from arthurnn/expanded...
ecda6df 2014-03-04 Added missing changlog entry for #14255
87d520b 2014-03-04 Merge pull request #14255 from prikha/master
544c78a 2014-02-27 Merge pull request #14203 from Alwahsh/aabouelhamayed
4155431 2014-02-23 Fixed STI classes not defining an attribute method if th...
f8dcc48 2014-02-23 Merge pull request #13515 from kuldeepaggarwal/f-model-g...