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#31 Godfrey Chan - This month
Showing 12 commits

Hash Date Message
777142d 2014-10-28 Typos in the deprecation message
0cd6c08 2014-10-28 Mention only_path deprecation in release notes [ci skip]
aa1fadd 2014-10-28 Deprecate the `only_path` option on `*_path` helpers.
cd2d366 2014-10-24 Revert a change made to the example in 1ac4525
016af48 2014-10-24 Merge pull request #17377 from aripollak/dry-try-bang
04b40b3 2014-10-22 Update CHANGELOG and release notes for e98f2a7
07b80c1 2014-10-22 Merge pull request #17361 from aripollak/try-bang-parity
7bcffb5 2014-10-21 Oops, missed a closing bracket [ci skip]
87e10ca 2014-10-21 Merge pull request #17336 from rebyn/patch-1
9bbff50 2014-10-19 :nail_care: it's -> its (see comments on 9a586ac)
62f96c9 2014-10-15 Make the config actually copyable
1b38d05 2014-10-15 :scissors: duplicated `require`s