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#30 Godfrey Chan - This month
Showing 36 commits

Hash Date Message
0715d8c 2014-11-25 Rearrange release notes by importance [ci skip]
83c52c0 2014-11-25 :scissors: WIP labels [ci skip]
064d188 2014-11-25 Prepare for RC: un-wip release notes [ci skip]
40c3880 2014-11-25 We shouldn't be linking to edgeapi [ci skip]
c42ef3f 2014-11-25 Prepare for RC: link to the 4-2-stable [ci skip]
4d3742c 2014-11-25 Cross link to upgrade guide [ci skip]
ae5538c 2014-11-25 Final sync with CHANGELOGs [ci skip]
c710251 2014-11-25 :scissors: TODO
a50bf9d 2014-11-25 The default hasn't changed, so this is not an incompatib...
56f2b70 2014-11-25 Simplify section on adequate record [ci skip]
6f08eeb 2014-11-25 Set the default log_level to info in all tests
6ea7065 2014-11-25 Set the test_order in the basic app as well, see 58e8b48
f2a0567 2014-11-25 Added tests for log_level deprecation
3b8a2a0 2014-11-25 Merge pull request #17763 from kamipo/fix_out_of_range_e...
6b8cd68 2014-11-25 Merge pull request #17757 from zzak/railties-default-to-...
692ca94 2014-11-25 Mention log_level deprecation in upgrade guides [ci skip]
6da69db 2014-11-25 Merge pull request #17755 from zzak/changelog-for-16622
81e0f01 2014-11-24 Merge pull request #17725 from chancancode/deprecate_use...
317d049 2014-11-23 Correct example in the engines testing guide [ci skip]
23b21f6 2014-11-23 Don't show the warning if we're already raising the erro...
8e73abb 2014-11-23 Deprecate `use_route` in controller tests
c23bb15 2014-11-23 Deprecate passing an invalid name to `Formatter#generate`
938d130 2014-11-23 Fix cases where the wrong name is passed to `Formatter#g...
b7b9e92 2014-11-23 Correct example in the engines testing guide [ci skip]
77a2764 2014-11-23 Test using `ActionController::TestCase` with engines
ede97c6 2014-11-23 Merge pull request #17715 from tgxworld/fix_nil_anchor
b33ed44 2014-11-22 Remove outdated comments [ci skip]
3098579 2014-11-18 Revert "[PERF] Speed up integer type casting from DB"
52c70d4 2014-11-18 :nail_care: Put escape clause first, keeps @sgrif happy ...
6f7910a 2014-11-18 [PERF] Speed up integer type casting from DB
c772755 2014-11-17 Meant to describe the concept, not the setting [ci skip]
a6de6f5 2014-11-17 Deprecate different default for `log_level` in production
402cc9f 2014-11-17 Revert "Merge pull request #16622 from matthewd/default-...
6625000 2014-11-10 Remove useless `only_path: true` in path helpers
aa6637d 2014-11-10 Pass the route name explicitly
7017761 2014-11-01 Revert "development.rb should mention available log levels"