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#35 Godfrey Chan - This week
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Hash Date Message
75fafc7 2014-08-20 Copy & paste fail [ci skip]
71c8a85 2014-08-20 :nail_care: The note doesn't look good on the blue backg...
657436d 2014-08-20 :bomb: oops, it should be 4.2 that's WIP [ci skip]
1a1f2e1 2014-08-20 Some placeholders for the 4.2 upgrade guide [ci skip]
2d24eb4 2014-08-20 Clearly mark these as WIP, and invite people to contribu...
a568260 2014-08-20 List the 4.2 release notes in the index, mark it as WIP ...
d8db05f 2014-08-20 Major features in 4.2 release notes [ci skip]
f288533 2014-08-20 Synced AR release notes [ci-skip]
e40872f 2014-08-20 Synced Active Support release notes [ci skip]
9733dc5 2014-08-20 Synced Active Model changelogs [ci skip]
f2dda9f 2014-08-19 Sync Action Mailer release notes [ci skip]
b082418 2014-08-19 Sync Action View release notes [ci skip]
96b58bb 2014-08-19 Mention deprecation of assert_select and friends in the ...
0d4d52a 2014-08-19 Add missing require
879dde9 2014-08-18 Merge pull request #16537 from arthurnn/stop_swallowing_...
d424df0 2014-08-18 :nail_care: [ci skip]
be69024 2014-08-18 Sync action pack release notes [ci skip]
e759b52 2014-08-18 Sync railties release notes [ci skip]