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#16 Guillermo Iguaran - Rails 3.1.0
Showing 29 commits

Hash Date Message
f443f9c 2011-08-30 Configuration changes for asset pipeline: remove config....
af0f14e 2011-08-30 Read digests of assets from manifest.yml if config.asset...
c677461 2011-08-28 Update Rails 3.1 CHANGELOGs
812d1ae 2011-08-22 Fix Sprockets rewrite_asset_path
b1be622 2011-08-05 Fix AR test suite error under Rubinius 2.0
4b12d7f 2011-06-28 Bump ARel to 2.1.3
ddf224c 2011-06-21 Use uglifier from rubygems instead of git repo
6e9714c 2011-06-08 Allow multiple sources in Sprockets helpers
8d758d8 2011-06-07 Fixing Rails::Server#app under Rack::URLMap
c1ce168 2011-06-06 Change to http://api.rubyonra...
527499c 2011-06-06 Remove trailing white-spaces
48b9096 2011-06-06 Removing trailing white-spaces
6e5419a 2011-05-22 Adding pluralize_table_names change to CHANGELOG
e0e8918 2011-05-21 AliasTracker.pluralize use pluralize_table_names of model
23e94a6 2011-05-20 Refactoring test_has_many_with_pluralize_table_names_fal...
6a3b3fb 2011-05-20 Allow pluralize_table_names for individual model
1592130 2011-05-20 for => each in model migration template
e7d600d 2011-05-20 Syntax cleanup: for in => each
ec1993c 2011-05-19 Prefer each instead of for in
d52fc25 2011-05-18 Fixing typo in test for turn gem
2c89ed9 2011-05-17 Adding missing require
23ad13e 2011-05-16 Mailer example has more sense calling to deliver method
6a408f3 2011-05-15 Fixing Changelog link
ecbde46 2011-05-15 Fixing has_many association when ActiveRecord::Base.plur...
e987bc5 2011-05-13 Using new hash syntax in wrap_parameters initializer und...
deea8ca 2011-05-13 Prefer topic branches instead of master branch for users...
e78221f 2011-05-10 Adding .sass-cache to gitignore template
259c749 2011-05-10 Merging 3.0.x CHANGELOGs
1021b51 2011-05-09 Just a minor fix in A.S CHANGELOG