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#16 Guillermo Iguaran - Rails 3.1.1
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Hash Date Message
b605bd5 2011-09-26 Avoid use of existing precompiled assets during rake ass...
ce758e2 2011-09-21 Add reference about --skip-sprockets to Asset Pipeline G...
3d042fa 2011-09-13 Backport e767cda6ea17 (move assets tests to assets_test ...
8461804 2011-09-08 Add reference about "bundle install --without assets" in...
abb0af1 2011-09-08 Add CoffeeScript example to JavaScript and ERB section
2451a68 2011-09-08 Add JavaScript and ERB section to Asset Guide
ba75385 2011-09-03 Review config.assets options.
d3b7c34 2011-09-03 Include ticket numbers in CHANGELOG
0a6de72 2011-09-03 Add entry about bcrypt-ruby remove to ActiveModel changelog
2b15762 2011-09-02 Remove hard dependency on bcrypt.
08f46b6 2011-09-01 Add missing changelog entries for 3.1.1
e7a86b9 2011-08-31 Remove deprecated code used only in Sprockets <
a4b7363 2011-08-31 Manifest should be nil by default. Closes #2776
3f29342 2011-08-31 Always enable digest and compile in the Rake task
1cda269 2011-08-31 Update Assets guide to reflect all the new changes
ee3cc8f 2011-08-30 Set default location of manifest with config.assets.mani...
b0f3063 2011-08-30 Add a default asset version to production config, this g...
aa99f8f 2011-08-26 Fix failing asset test under 1.8