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#16 Guillermo Iguaran - Rails 3.2.0
Showing 104 commits

Hash Date Message
3bfbc45 2012-01-18 Adding Action Mailer section to 3.2 release notes
6838549 2012-01-18 Update Release Notes: sprockets-rails section should be ...
939a84a 2012-01-18 Update AM CHANGELOG
ae7037e 2012-01-18 Update CHANGELOG and docs for config.assets.logger
02e4d7f 2012-01-18 Silent Sprockets logger when config.assets.logger is set...
30782e4 2012-01-16 Getting Started Guide: Update reference about JavaScript...
666f931 2012-01-15 Don't hardcode assets route skipped in route inspector
05367e6 2012-01-13 Update Railties section of 3.2 release notes
f8fa383 2011-12-12 Use rubygems https endpoint for the Gemfile on new apps
ea5a70a 2011-12-11 Skip assets options in environments files when --skip-sp...
7a7e87d 2011-12-10 Use ProcessedAsset#pathname in Sprockets helpers when de...
b12a176 2011-12-10 Skip assets groups if --skip-sprockets option is given
55afc7d 2011-12-10 Add test to verify that therubyrhino isn't included when...
49cd6a0 2011-11-14 Added therubyrhino to default Gemfile under JRuby
e0eb229 2011-11-14 Upgrade Sprockets to 2.1.0
44e751f 2011-11-06 Add arel to Gemfile on apps generated in edge Rails
a458833 2011-10-22 Remove Turn from default Gemfile.
c2f03d1 2011-10-09 Merge pull request #70 from mcdd/master
f655895 2011-10-08 Isolate rake action tests that should be run under defau...
b111b41 2011-10-08 Test utf8 assets filenames with request instead of manif...
101fb42 2011-10-02 Print information about .railsrc to users
7039def 2011-10-02 Read extra args for 'rails new' from ~/.railsrc
038808b 2011-09-25 Add public API for register new js and css compressors f...
a29c2bf 2011-09-23 Remove Sprockets compute_public_path, AV compute_public_...
857d20e 2011-09-21 Move precompile task to Sprockets::StaticCompiler
2867701 2011-09-16 Add reference about --skip-sprockets to Asset Pipeline G...
b50394b 2011-09-16 config.action_controller.asset_host shouldn't set to nil...
9c7e885 2011-09-14 Clear cache before of each precompile to avoid inconsist...
fae70cb 2011-09-14 Add missing changelog entries for actionpack
a89d39e 2011-09-13 Fix broken asset test
a65010f 2011-09-13 Fix precompile asset_host test
f509b69 2011-09-13 Fix for relative url root in assets
e767cda 2011-09-13 Move asset tests to assets_test file
9279d11 2011-09-13 Set relative url root in assets when controller isn't av...
f746927 2011-09-12 Remove odd asignation
b7f1735 2011-09-09 Add missing require in base_test.rb, fixes isolated test
1db5836 2011-09-07 Refactor assets tests to use add_to_config instead of cr...
6fc518e 2011-09-06 config.action_controller.perform_caching isn't used anym...
e8cb06a 2011-09-05 Remove unused config variable from test.rb template
8df4fb1 2011-09-05 Add reference about "bundle install --without assets" in...
a1dbd94 2011-09-05 Add CoffeeScript example to JavaScript and ERB section
3e62235 2011-09-05 Add JavaScript and ERB section to Asset Guide
81d7157 2011-09-05 Add entry about Asset behaviour fix to ActionPack ChangeLog
9bc0082 2011-09-04 AssetNotPrecompiledError should be raise when config.ass...
479c853 2011-09-04 Merge pull request #64 from rinaldifonseca/master
9b02f3f 2011-09-03 Add comments about bcrypt-ruby gem to SecurePassword
af54fc5 2011-09-03 Add bcrypt-ruby to Gemfile template
1b8290d 2011-09-02 Fix asset_path example in CSS and ERB section
6779064 2011-09-02 Remove hard dependency on bcrypt.
5bb1c7a 2011-09-01 Add missing changelog entries for 3.1.1
72fea6d 2011-09-01 Adding reference about ExecJS for CoffeeScript
fdf2f51 2011-09-01 Add reference to ExecJS in JavaScript Compression section
418e321 2011-09-01 Fixing sass-rails helpers methods examples
4ba35dd 2011-09-01 Giving info about what are the defaults for test environ...
fe07669 2011-09-01 Review config.assets options.
8707460 2011-08-31 Fix asset debugging tests to reflect last changes in 3-1...
d0b3937 2011-08-31 Set default location of manifest with config.assets.mani...
f236e00 2011-08-31 Backport f443f9cb0c64 to master
fa04c37 2011-08-31 Backport b0f30631662 to master
dffdd82 2011-08-31 Read digests of assets from manifest.yml if config.asset...
73d34fe 2011-08-31 Always enable digest and compile in the Rake task
381904d 2011-08-29 Avoid extra recursive call in Sprockets helpers
a071c9b 2011-08-26 Fix failing asset debug test under 1.8
f5472a3 2011-08-25 Removing redundant stringify_keys in Sprockets helpers
3731a0f 2011-08-25 Update Debugging Assets section of Assets Pipeline guide
9a68ea9 2011-08-25 Add missing CHANGELOG entries for Railties
23b5c55 2011-08-24 Preserve stylesheet_link_tag and javascript_include_tag ...
e0db9cb 2011-08-24 Use super in javascript_include_tag and stylesheet_link_...
c5a5285 2011-08-24 Remove redundant join and call to html_safe
827cdae 2011-08-24 Add config.allow_debugging option to determine if the de...
d133fd6 2011-08-24 Debug assets shouldn't ignore media type for stylesheets...
d17954c 2011-08-23 Add destroy alias to engines
e1f11ff 2011-08-22 Fix Sprockets rewrite_asset_path
f71c481 2011-08-20 Bump sprockets to 2.0.0.beta.14
4fb4484 2011-08-20 Add .rbenv-version to .gitignore
7223f10 2011-08-18 Debug assets by default in development and test environm...
aed9917 2011-08-06 Fix ActiveSupport::Gzip under Ruby 1.8.7. Closes #2416
780ee36 2011-08-05 Fix AR test suite error under Rubinius 2.0
3fe32c3 2011-07-23 Remove unneccesary map chaining
fcdcc87 2011-07-18 Fix Rails::Generators::Actions#environment when env is p...
1c23887 2011-06-27 Bump ARel to 2.1.3
d759d19 2011-06-21 Use uglifier from rubygems instead of git repo
301cad4 2011-06-17 Bump to mysql2 0.3.6
657ba2a 2011-06-12 Remove trailing whitespaces
8496be7 2011-06-07 Fixing Rails::Server#app under Rack::URLMap
d3d5b04 2011-06-06 Change to http://api.rubyonra...
c2c8ef5 2011-06-05 Remove trailing white-spaces
db8eeaf 2011-06-05 Allow multiple sources in Sprockets helpers
529d2de 2011-06-01 Removing trailing white-spaces
698b600 2011-06-01 Don't add .rb in requires
433390d 2011-05-25 Updating Railties changelog
944aee7 2011-05-25 Removing deprecated config.generators in Rails::Railtie
6e1dbb8 2011-05-25 Remove deprecated plugin generator
ce350de 2011-05-25 Removing Deprecated Path API tests
685a919 2011-05-25 Removing deprecated API
ce4afa2 2011-05-25 load_generators_from_railties was removed, remove failin...
f4d100b 2011-05-24 Prefer each instead of for on activesupport
505e115 2011-05-24 Removed extra white-spaces on config/environment/test.rb...
e9f9bf0 2011-05-24 Removing extra white-spaces on config/environment/develo...
647c55a 2011-05-24 Prefer each instead of for in activeresource
93570bb 2011-05-20 Changin 'for' with 'each' on FormHelpers guide
d037350 2011-05-20 Using each instead of for in actionview guide
22abbb8 2011-05-20 Replacing 'for' with 'each' in actionmailer guide
0cb812a 2011-05-20 Changing examples: use 'each' instead of 'for in'