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#72 Guo Xiang Tan - All time
Showing 81 commits

Hash Date Message
1bc27a7 2015-02-28 Reduce allocated memory for Module#delegate.
a39498a 2015-02-19 Allow Rack::Runtime to be deleted from middleware stack.
899e10f 2015-02-13 Correct module name in deprecation message.
aca4c82 2015-02-13 Improve deprecation message.
dbf38a0 2015-02-13 Do not recommend `xhr` since it is going to be deprecated.
be6874f 2015-01-09 Use parallel bundler install.
2f7b72b 2014-12-23 Rails::Application#secrets should be documented.
106db0b 2014-12-02 Silence Minitest for plugin tests.
0270363 2014-12-01 Fix value extracted from negative integers for PostgreSQL.
ec49324 2014-11-25 Update docs to reflect changes to MailerGenerator.
cd902a0 2014-11-25 Add missing CHANGELOG entry.
7a47690 2014-11-25 Generate mailer layouts even if no action is given.
35628a4 2014-11-25 MailerGenerator should inherit from Base.
b8d8ce7 2014-11-25 Add tests which were incorrectly removed.
46041c5 2014-11-23 Anchor should not be appended when set to nil/false.
e0e9d5b 2014-11-21 Fix select_tag generating tag when set to false.
5758f26 2014-11-20 [CI SKIP] Improvements to Active Job guide.
1966ecf 2014-11-17 Fix typo.
b7c262b 2014-11-16 [CI SKIP] Missing space.
f88a4d3 2014-11-14 [CI SKIP] Corrections to testing guide.
76f5a9a 2014-11-05 Remove session to allow `with_routing` to be called twice.
3cc2586 2014-10-10 Allow authentication header to not have to specify 'toke...
c7bce61 2014-09-23 [CI SKIP] Improve force push note.
3fe864f 2014-09-05 Move variable assignment within logging block.
6e0f273 2014-09-01 Use `safe_constantize`.
a32298f 2014-08-27 Fix spelling. [CI SKIP]
0e04957 2014-08-24 Grammer and spelling pass on web console release note. [...
2dd22ea 2014-08-22 Missing space. [CI SKIP]
fb74023 2014-08-22 Pass logging message through block.
ce392d9 2014-08-21 Guide fix. [CI SKIP]
9212042 2014-08-21 Improve router test.
d3eb92d 2014-08-21 Avoid duplicating routes for HEAD requests.
13d4a9b 2014-08-21 Upgrade guide pass. [CI SKIP]
b1ba333 2014-08-13 Fix assert_template for files.
bc53543 2014-08-09 Pass block for logging.
aaef6a3 2014-08-08 Fixes to TestCaseTest.
4c30b4f 2014-08-07 Fix spelling.
14508ae 2014-08-07 Remove ActionController::RaiseActionExceptions.
e6f2d4f 2014-07-24 Improve description of tests.
cc10288 2014-07-24 Bug fix for assert_template when opening a new session.
d14f646 2014-07-21 Fix AC::TemplateAssertions instance variables not resett...
ee35b79 2014-07-18 Prefer to pass block when logging.
533472d 2014-07-18 Remove redundant test.
095a545 2014-07-18 Fix duplicated test.
5e11e41 2014-07-18 Update test to clearly reflect what it is testing for.
6c5f169 2014-07-18 Update outdated test.
390a45e 2014-07-15 [CI SKIP] Doc fix.
d9396a0 2014-07-11 Fix incorrect unsubscription.
eeed9d5 2014-07-09 Fix weird comment. [CI SKIP]
b925074 2014-07-08 Reduce number of subscriptions created.
a93c384 2014-07-07 Avoid retrieving connection in ActiveRecord::QueryCache ...
cb5f2d3 2014-07-02 Remove symbolized_path_parameters.
70312d2 2014-06-15 Remove unused parameter.
be46586 2014-06-13 Set flash in test session when necessary.
5cc7899 2014-06-06 Remove redundant code.
f81bd7c 2014-06-06 Prevent state leak.
a8439bc 2014-06-01 Avoid looping through subscribers when unsubscribing wit...
a67fdc0 2014-06-01 Update documentation to reflect unsubscription with name.
b1bc553 2014-05-29 Remove TODO.
223e118 2014-05-26 Remove duplicated HashWithIndifferentAccess#with_indiffe...
86396f8 2014-05-26 Remove duplicated to_s method call.
15df2a3 2014-05-25 Call get_routes_as_head only on HEAD requests.
586c346 2014-05-25 Remove unnecessary flatten! method call.
4ca5a5e 2014-05-25 Remove unnecessary require of Minitest.
4fd144d 2014-05-22 Form full URI as string to be parsed in Rack::Test.
dbacaff 2014-05-21 Remove redundant code.
30f93dc 2014-05-15 Remove unused method in RouteSet test.
da290fa 2014-05-11 Remove unnecessary include for integration tests.
77e25a7 2014-05-11 Remove redundant tests method.
1c2484d 2014-04-23 Improve readability of contributing to rails guide. [ci ...
26ff72f 2014-04-14 Fix subscriptions not being unsubscribed.
8bbaa94 2014-04-06 Fix setup of adding _flash_types test.
20181e4 2014-04-04 Prevent state leak in test.
f1169d9 2014-04-03 Add ConnectionHelper to refactor tests.
9896c5f 2014-04-02 Allow postgresql enum_test to be run in random order.
0264762 2014-03-29 Refactor test to use DdlHelper.
0212a41 2014-03-29 Fix tests not unsubscribing from Notifications.
1db36c4 2014-03-23 Clean up tables after each test.
79405a0 2014-03-20 Extract with_example_table into helper method.
3baace6 2014-03-15 Use teardown helper method.
5ade4b0 2014-03-10 Cleanup Parrot after each test.