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#71 Guo Xiang Tan - Edge
Showing 11 commits

Hash Date Message
dad40bf 2015-03-05 Run ActionPack test cases in random order.
1bc27a7 2015-02-28 Reduce allocated memory for Module#delegate.
89edfbd 2015-02-26 Partition routes during setup.
a39498a 2015-02-19 Allow Rack::Runtime to be deleted from middleware stack.
899e10f 2015-02-13 Correct module name in deprecation message.
aca4c82 2015-02-13 Improve deprecation message.
dbf38a0 2015-02-13 Do not recommend `xhr` since it is going to be deprecated.
be6874f 2015-01-09 Use parallel bundler install.
2f7b72b 2014-12-23 Rails::Application#secrets should be documented.
106db0b 2014-12-02 Silence Minitest for plugin tests.
0270363 2014-12-01 Fix value extracted from negative integers for PostgreSQL.