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#102 Guo Xiang Tan - This month
Showing 14 commits

Hash Date Message
e6f2d4f 2014-07-24 Improve description of tests.
cc10288 2014-07-24 Bug fix for assert_template when opening a new session.
d14f646 2014-07-21 Fix AC::TemplateAssertions instance variables not resett...
ee35b79 2014-07-18 Prefer to pass block when logging.
533472d 2014-07-18 Remove redundant test.
095a545 2014-07-18 Fix duplicated test.
5e11e41 2014-07-18 Update test to clearly reflect what it is testing for.
6c5f169 2014-07-18 Update outdated test.
390a45e 2014-07-15 [CI SKIP] Doc fix.
d9396a0 2014-07-11 Fix incorrect unsubscription.
eeed9d5 2014-07-09 Fix weird comment. [CI SKIP]
b925074 2014-07-08 Reduce number of subscriptions created.
a93c384 2014-07-07 Avoid retrieving connection in ActiveRecord::QueryCache ...
cb5f2d3 2014-07-02 Remove symbolized_path_parameters.