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#75 Guo Xiang Tan - This month
Showing 12 commits

Hash Date Message
ec49324 2014-11-25 Update docs to reflect changes to MailerGenerator.
cd902a0 2014-11-25 Add missing CHANGELOG entry.
7a47690 2014-11-25 Generate mailer layouts even if no action is given.
35628a4 2014-11-25 MailerGenerator should inherit from Base.
b8d8ce7 2014-11-25 Add tests which were incorrectly removed.
46041c5 2014-11-23 Anchor should not be appended when set to nil/false.
e0e9d5b 2014-11-21 Fix select_tag generating tag when set to false.
5758f26 2014-11-20 [CI SKIP] Improvements to Active Job guide.
1966ecf 2014-11-17 Fix typo.
b7c262b 2014-11-16 [CI SKIP] Missing space.
f88a4d3 2014-11-14 [CI SKIP] Corrections to testing guide.
76f5a9a 2014-11-05 Remove session to allow `with_routing` to be called twice.