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#200 Harshad Sabne - All time
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Hash Date Message
72e42d2 2014-09-05 'Revert' ->active_record_migrations [ci skip]
f57fd2f 2014-09-04 'Reversible' ->active_record_migrations [ci skip]
4b9d22e 2014-08-31 Update [ci skip]
f0249bc 2014-08-31 Highlight Class/Module [ci skip]
9b6b32a 2014-05-27 [ci skip] Fix Compiler's Github link
3e95dab 2013-12-10 [ci skip] Fix http_accept_language link syntax in 4-0-st...
41ba51f 2013-12-01 Update
f4804fa 2013-11-30 Update
abefa2f 2013-11-29 Remove Rdoc formatting from markdown [ci skip]
427db6b 2013-11-27 Fix on-site markdown rendering [ci skip]
b58f3a6 2013-11-26 Underscore in markdown should be escaped with backslash ...
a4bba9c 2013-11-25 Globalize has moved to a new repository
eb67aa9 2013-11-23 API Documentation Guidelines link correction [ci skip]
4a98938 2013-11-15 Update [ci skip]
deeeaef 2013-11-13 Fix broken Wikipedia link.
a1f1e6d 2013-11-08 Update README.rdoc [ci skip]
a31bb06 2013-10-23 Fixed URL link to rendered_component plugin [ci skip]
306651c 2013-10-22 Update
e1e6be9 2013-10-20 Update
3988dcc 2013-09-14 [ci skip] Update
e64b8c6 2013-09-13 Update
49f25d9 2013-09-12 Update