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#113 Hendy Tanata - Rails 3.2.0
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Hash Date Message
efb75f7 2011-12-21 Doc fixes on Rails::Generators::Base.hook_for.
e149d50 2011-12-20 Improve doc for ActiveRecord::Base.unscoped.
6fc2e12 2011-11-18 Some fixes on RELEASING_RAILS.rdoc.
010622b 2011-10-29 On inpsect routes, show :controller and :action to indic...
79a719a 2011-10-06 Grammar fixes for the routing guide.
a44bbfc 2011-10-05 Corrections to Active Record Validations and Callbacks g...
0a2ea92 2011-09-05 Fix grammar for content_tag_for and div_for docs.
21e2eea 2011-08-16 Remove unused require.
33be1b0 2011-08-14 Active Model instead of ActiveModel.
e10b288 2011-08-14 Use fixed-width font where necessary.
4d525b8 2011-08-14 Fix tt tag appearing on 3_1_release_notes guide.
a45c2d5 2011-08-04 Fix two spaces between sententes on README.rdoc.
b0a91f2 2011-07-27 Fix two spaces between sententes on README.rdoc.
7b619f1 2011-07-16 Improve formatting of route to Rack application in rake ...
d7f4a3e 2011-07-15 Fix wildcard route code example in changelog.
193e4de 2011-07-15 Better formatting of route requirements in rake:routes.
0894d73 2011-07-15 Fix wildcard route code examples.
b13a0ce 2011-05-31 Fix punctuation.
bdd7ecb 2011-05-31 Update Rails coding conventions link.