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#177 Hrvoje Šimić - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 20 commits

Hash Date Message
4037fc8 2013-04-17 more descriptive NameError's messages for class attributes
7731fd8 2012-12-26 more descriptive return parameters
2e02752 2012-12-24 remove duplication from Rails::Application docs
aee07fe 2012-10-19 include serializers in ActiveModel::Serialization example
2d2c823 2012-10-19 better examples in ActiveModel readme
08a6b57 2012-08-01 move method for dependent option check
40c8ca5 2012-06-03 remove unnecessary text
faf550c 2012-06-02 better explanations for acts_like?, try and deep_dup
1b95670 2012-05-11 better wording
bd2b1c1 2012-05-11 missing 'with'
068e8b2 2012-05-01 simpler wording and explanations
620cc9a 2012-04-30 add ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid to exceptions
8e00a6c 2012-04-04 update ActionPack README links
88f0c20 2012-04-04 Merge branch 'master' of
f7a1c64 2012-04-04 removed deprecated methods and middlewares
d4fa512 2012-04-04 added example, removed blank lines
aeb228c 2012-04-04 update ActionPack README links
7b1abe8 2012-04-02 Merge branch 'master' of
4b1ed1d 2012-04-02 update purpose of middleware
b95aa05 2012-04-02 update to current rack middleware stack