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#336 Iain Beeston - All time
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Hash Date Message
894c033 15 Oct 2016 Refactored ActiveModel::Type tests into their own files
994ce87 14 Oct 2016 Moved database-specific ActiveModel types into ActiveRecord
671eb74 03 Oct 2016 Made ActiveRecord consistently use ActiveRecord::Type (not
aeb2fee 03 Oct 2016 Corrected comments referring to documentation in
1e6aab9 03 Oct 2016 Corrected comments referring to ActiveModel::Attributes
a11abf1 21 Jul 2016 Removed reference to callback_terminator.rb in docs
d287614 03 Apr 2015 Raise ArgumentError if an unrecognised callback is skipped
a5eddb5 27 Feb 2015 Explained how to set session expiry through session_stor...
3fbc632 24 Feb 2015 Deprecate `AbstractController::Callbacks#skip_action_cal...
075b8bd 28 Nov 2014 Removed ecosystem link from the header of the guides pages
5b793a8 12 Feb 2014 Added tests to render helper that expect `render partial...
78f953d 03 Aug 2013 Updated the guide to say that the localisation file for ...
5495bac 14 Apr 2013 Tried to make the response status code table more readable
800d342 06 Apr 2013 Added a table of html status symols