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#458 Innokenty Mikhailov - All time
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Hash Date Message
f912437 2012-09-22 active support core extensions guides updated with confi...
da26dfb 2012-09-18 Date.beginning_of_week thread local and beginning_of_wee...
b00a5e6 2012-01-31 test_get_ids_for_ordered_association fixed
58cd008 2012-01-31 reflection test fixed
f13a1dd 2012-01-31 ids_reader method fixed, test added to has_many association
3f1a4c3 2011-11-25 beginning_of_week extended in both Time and Date so that...
7a33a00 2011-11-25 API docstrings updated with default value info
8d83e33 2011-11-17 updating API docstring so that user can infer default value