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#63 Jaime Iniesta - Rails 4.0.0
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Hash Date Message
e410b5b 2012-11-18 Fix broken link in Active Record Query Interface guide
b1e5c16 2012-10-26 Fix a pair of typos on Active Record Querying guide
701bd83 2012-10-17 Fix typos in Association Basics guide
b8dafa3 2012-10-15 Fix formatting errors on the Active Record Validations a...
319fd4e 2012-10-14 Fix formatting on migrations guide
3e0be3a 2012-10-12 Fix typos and clean up Getting Started guide
14c2979 2012-08-24 Add exception handling to rake guides:validate
1b709f6 2012-08-24 Fix rake guides:validate
fdeaea6 2012-08-24 Revert "Fix rake guides:validate task as it should be ru...
ecae2f0 2012-08-23 Fix rake guides:validate task as it should be run from t...