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#341 James Coleman - This year
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Hash Date Message
52365f7 04 Oct 2016 Bust Model.attribute_names cache on reset_column_informa...
5801ec9 04 Oct 2016 Test that Model.column_names cache is busted by reset_co...
a94fe29 26 Aug 2016 Don't unnecessarily load a belongs_to when saving.
3df5173 24 Aug 2016 Test that AR query cache isn't busted when types are not...
fce3dbf 23 Aug 2016 Don't bust AR query cache when types are not same object
459cd7f 19 Feb 2016 Fix button_to's params option to support nested names.
82dc778 22 Jan 2016 Clarify DatabaseStatements#execute docs re: memory usage.