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#99 James Miller - Rails 3.0.0
Showing 33 commits

Hash Date Message
3ecbae0 2010-08-25 to_json => as_json
59cd141 2010-08-25 mysql2 is now the default, typos
d7f1226 2010-08-25 Fix typo, favour => favor
42d3764 2010-04-09 ERB update for AC overview guide
4f0982d 2010-04-09 More on the new ERB syntax in the guides
b52b36e 2010-04-06 More on the new ERB syntax in the guides
beca1af 2010-04-06 ERB update for AC overview guide
92eab84 2010-04-06 First run of updating erb syntax for 3.0
4f43c3c 2010-02-05 Correct command for installing/running bundler
89be425 2010-02-04 include should be includes
6697a02 2010-02-03 First pass at updating to Rails 3 AR query syntax
54d01ce 2010-02-03 Remove a Rails 2 convention from namespaced routes
d546a72 2010-01-27 Add my info to the credits
b204d94 2010-01-27 Fix view description mismatch
715def6 2009-02-06 Minor formatting fix to contribute page
c5472e9 2009-02-06 Add new contribute page to replace existing Hackfest page
3e56a38 2009-02-06 Fix spelling errors and references to application.rb in ...
1a82269 2009-02-06 Fix spelling errors in caching guide
bf43166 2009-02-06 Fix spelling error in association basics guide
a44f613 2009-02-06 Fix some spelling erros in Active Record Querying guide
ab8f877 2009-02-06 Fix some spelling errors in the Active Record Basics guide
984fbba 2009-02-06 Fix some spelling errors in Action Controller guide
f807b3c 2008-09-21 The flash
860efec 2008-09-21 New and create actions
850daec 2008-09-11 Some more typos
02220e5 2008-09-11 Fixing some typos
1a8edd3 2008-09-10 Details of the show action
383467f 2008-09-10 Merge branch 'master' of
6704e90 2008-09-10 Briefly discuss the reason for the respond_to block gene...
6f1c274 2008-09-10 Fix some line spacing
066766b 2008-09-10 Additions to the scaffold section
f173ead 2008-09-08 Continued work on the MVC/REST section
3e48484 2008-09-07 Initial draft of Getting Started With Rails guide, far f...