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#60 Jason Noble - Rails 3.2.0
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Hash Date Message
c921ba9 2011-12-05 Remove redundant or
95213ac 2011-12-04 Be explicit about where to add/remove stuff to the migra...
718d0ea 2011-12-04 Be explicit of where the constraints are.
b6d7ce9 2011-12-04 Fix missing /ruby block
6589359 2011-12-04 A table format makes this section easier to read
914b85f 2011-12-04 Improve readability
e9b3b9e 2011-12-04 This section is more about changing the output of runnin...
d1ef1b2 2011-12-04 Improve readability
90f18cc 2011-12-04 Readability improvements
82ba3a7 2011-12-04 Move this into a section so that "Resetting the database...
d8c8bf5 2011-12-04 Change wording to be more explicit on what migrating wit...
93d9845 2011-12-04 Migrations can also run the "change" method
4130fe3 2011-12-04 Reword section to make it more readable.
f41d099 2011-12-04 We're using methods, not writing them
aca34b8 2011-12-04 Change wording to be more understandable
452b624 2011-12-04 Be more friendly than "shut up"
f9cc3f0 2011-12-04 Improve wording, fix some formatting issues
f7740f2 2011-12-04 We're using the method, not writing it
eedb863 2011-12-04 Change The other... to Another...
7480738 2011-12-04 Reword confusing section
a41295f 2011-12-04 Correct grammatical errors
bc6d1eb 2011-12-04 It's more that Rails needs to know how to recreate the c...
ec27272 2011-12-04 Added "also" to read better
b3f8cbd 2011-12-04 Explain the t.timestamps method a little better
1f765a2 2011-12-04 Re-word confusing section
9d87fb8 2011-12-04 Constrained to 80 chars per line
c8f8ecf 2011-12-04 Rollback is used elsewhere in the tutorial
78f6672 2011-12-04 Alphabetize fields to make reading easier
8971cca 2011-11-13 Move tooltip on re-running rails new with a different --...
50a9de5 2011-11-13 Update guide to use Ruby 1.9 hash syntax
a3156ac 2011-11-13 Add output for add_index command
0774f22 2011-11-13 Convert tables to table format
c0ee497 2011-11-13 Grammar change
5e83491 2011-11-13 Be explicit on where the show.html.erb is located
3e3872b 2011-11-13 Make the guide more friendly
9b96f74 2011-11-13 Be explicit about changing code
cb552f8 2011-11-13 p.errors.full_messages is a little more human readable
fc8f0a8 2011-11-13 Add link to AR Validations and Callbacks to further expl...
1394c54 2011-11-13 Update wording to read better
06a8d16 2011-11-13 Update wording to be more explicit on what the timestamp...
094bb8e 2011-11-13 Update order so they show up in the order they do in the...
434fbe4 2011-11-13 Update wording to flow better
703d5c2 2011-11-13 Fix typo
4bf057b 2011-11-13 Move Tip up higher so users who are fine with SQLite can...
194a42e 2011-11-13 Updated wording to read better
b778a7e 2011-11-13 Updated wording on what 'rails new blog' did for the user
6ac65c9 2011-11-13 Use rails help new instead of rails new -h
ee10012 2011-11-13 Move paragraphs to flow better
962c55d 2011-11-13 Add Tip about skipping to Section 3 if they want to come...
1e5fa59 2011-07-24 Add in a tip about opening two command prompt windows
0076a6f 2011-07-24 Fix two spaces after end of sentence.
1ca4990 2011-07-24 Extend description of rails generate scaffold and what i...
2f7ea19 2011-07-24 Make the rails not found tip more explanatory.
5ee349c 2011-07-24 Updated rails_welcome.png to latest Rails welcome page.
fe5cb7c 2011-07-24 Update wording of TIP about --database option for rails new
715c128 2011-07-24 Remove "bundle install" section, as rails new ______ run...
72e06dc 2011-07-24 Fix TIP formatting issue
e99a0b6 2011-07-24 Add a note about the fact that the Windows prompt will l...
b084836 2011-07-24 Reformatted to 80 chars.
3ba30e6 2011-07-24 Wrapped text content to 120 chars
48e85d8 2011-07-24 Moved ActionController, ActionView and ActionDispatch se...
5e8263b 2011-07-24 Add link to the Layouts and Rendering guide to explain m...
f04725f 2011-07-24 Modified the content based on vijaydev's comment
8e44ff6 2011-07-24 Update guide to be based on Rails 3.1.
bb746e3 2011-07-24 Added explanation to Components of Rails to help users n...
25bcca1 2011-07-24 Added link to the RubyGems User's Guide
3eb99aa 2011-07-24 Added some context for rack apps, linked to the Rails on...
030950a 2011-06-17 Change ActiveRecord and ActionPack links to point to the...
51cb745 2011-06-17 Change ActiveRecord and ActionPack links to point to the...
c56618e 2011-06-17 Change ActiveRecord and ActionPack links to point to the...