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#60 Jason Noble - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 17 commits

Hash Date Message
064ae35 2012-11-25 Revert "Updated with where functional/helper tests go"
f9793a1 2012-11-25 Reword Post model to note there are lines not shown
45f0fea 2012-11-25 We should use post_path, not post_url
c94cfda 2012-11-25 Updated with where functional/helper tests go
9314867 2012-11-25 Moved position of has_many
3e8c4bc 2012-11-25 Added new line to make it more readable
a22fc4a 2012-11-25 Changed the Using Partials section to read a little better
85db49f 2012-11-25 Modified "Allowing the update of fields" section
c332393 2012-11-25 Update version numbers of Ruby and Rails
65ee3d7 2012-11-25 Updated link to RubyGems site
13823a4 2012-04-30 Don't type cast values that don't respond to to_i to 1
324201d 2012-04-30 Remove empty lines.
7731231 2012-04-30 Fixed styling issues brought up by @jeremy
37e4e9b 2012-04-30 Add documentation to command_line.textile explaining how...
e053b41 2012-04-30 Add ability to specify custom annotation directories
b5472cf 2012-04-30 Add test coverage for rake notes
04a05e5 2012-01-14 Fix styling of example layout. Fixes #4461