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#371 Jay Hayes - All time
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Hash Date Message
22f80ae 2013-11-11 Explicitly exit with status "1" for create and drop fail...
614b203 2013-10-21 Fixes typo
da1d2fb 2013-10-19 Update I18n guide to note the additional features of the...
3b7d835 2013-09-10 Fixes typo in Object#try!
5f08154 2013-08-29 Add documentation for rake db:setup task
d4863f3 2013-08-29 Note functional equivalence in reset task
a99aa3b 2013-07-26 Fixes typo in Object#try!
948c1e5 2012-12-13 Elaborate using `inverse_of` with presence validation
d5badea 2012-12-13 Fix associations presence lost in steve's reformat
807a977 2012-08-20 Extended documentation for `time_ago_in_words` helper