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#3 Jeremy Kemper - Rails 2.1.1
Showing 62 commits

Hash Date Message
e7df4ce 2008-08-30 Fix bad merge from e21ed3e
e27e1f0 2008-08-29 Date#freeze bug doesn't affect Ruby 1.9
d4e668b 2008-08-29 Work around frozen Date memoization
9aa3c59 2008-08-28 respond_to? passes along splat args to avoid introducing...
ad51406 2008-08-26 Include people and readers fixtures to fix test isolatio...
eab7611 2008-08-26 fix tests relying on implicit ordering
d093e90 2008-08-26 PostgreSQL: pg driver expects nil instead of empty strin...
813290d 2008-08-26 um.. yeah
8f03357 2008-08-26 typo
71c53f6 2008-08-26 fix another ordering failure
698357b 2008-08-26 fix tests relying on implicit ordering
99277f5 2008-08-24 link_to_function and button_to_function shouldn't modify...
482e8fe 2008-08-20 Rely on quieter db:test:load task
88eec83 2008-08-07 JRuby: improve constantize performance. [#410 state:res...
b6d0eba 2008-07-15 Don't dump schema for every test run, just when migratio...
7df1078 2008-07-15 Remove dead, unused vendor/db2.rb
44363ba 2008-07-15 PostgreSQL: use 'INSERT ... RETURNING id' for 8.2 and la...
4c6eed0 2008-07-15 Fix quoting in test_counting_with_single_conditions
0a11165 2008-07-15 Performance: faster Object.subclasses_of
0dcc81a 2008-07-15 Give more info on missing gems and abort instead of prin...
e8c5859 2008-07-15 PostgreSQL: don't dump :limit => 4 for integers
ef0bd72 2008-07-04 Fix rdoc for Filters::ClassMethods
a42599d 2008-06-28 Fix typo in apparently-dead will_unload? method.
a892af6 2008-06-27 MySQL: treat integer with :limit => 11 as a display widt...
6051249 2008-06-24 Test for tinyint
fe81af7 2008-06-24 Treat any limit > 4 as bigint
642b0e9 2008-06-23 Revert "Check for mocha gem without requiring the lib. ...
8636df7 2008-06-23 Check for mocha gem without requiring the lib. [#403 st...
44656db 2008-06-22 Changelog for 509374e
4573b7b 2008-06-22 Remove incorrect master entries from 2-1-stable CHANGELO...
3a05ba6 2008-06-22 Horo rdoc template
5f52da4 2008-06-20 Fall back to #to_s for cache key expansion
8c0ce21 2008-06-19 Add toplevel doc to .gitignore
271b834 2008-06-19 fix toplevel pdoc task
1256bba 2008-06-19 Require ssh publisher in toplevel Rakefile
7084e88 2008-06-19 Add toplevel rdoc and pdoc tasks
a46d09f 2008-06-19 Add dummy pdoc task to railties
edb48d6 2008-06-19 Use rdoc exclude
a4752c6 2008-06-19 Add lib/rails/*.rb to rdoc
55bd351 2008-06-19 Use native include/exclude instead of doing it by hand
8c95c8e 2008-06-19 Exclude lib/activeresource.rb from rdoc
644e2cd 2008-06-19 Exclude lib/actionpack.rb from rdoc
99b429f 2008-06-19 Generate rdoc for all .rb files except those in vendor
4d45c09 2008-06-19 Generate rdoc for all .rb files except those in vendor
df98d4b 2008-06-19 Add pdoc task to toplevel Rakefile
6a0929d 2008-06-19 Update Rakefiles to connect to wrath as current user. Us...
a065144 2008-06-10 PostgreSQL: insert looks up pk and sequence name if not ...
319941e 2008-06-10 Inflector -> ActiveSupport::Inflector
20b07f9 2008-06-08 Deprecation warning for vendor/mysql.rb usage. Gone in 2...
475527c 2008-06-08 Missed add: deprecated erb_variable test
fa875b9 2008-06-08 Fix changelog wording
b30604a 2008-06-08 Deprecate ActionView::Base.erb_variable. Append the conc...
b69de8c 2008-06-07 Give a nice message if there are duplicate migrations in...
faec7f5 2008-06-07 Move Class::ModelName to Active Support module core_ext
fc6385f 2008-06-07 Cache RecordIdentifier methods in Class#model_name wrapper
782b054 2008-06-07 Generate less garbage when expanding range bind variable...
3f89b57 2008-06-07 Drop a string conversion from the often-called tag_optio...
78a0cca 2008-06-07 Ensure we have an array to collect
6775cac 2008-06-07 Remove 1.9's String#chars also
3ffbc57 2008-06-07 GemDependency#specification should be public
a6e10ba 2008-06-07 PostgreSQL: update create_database_with_encoding test also
87fa9db 2008-06-07 PostgreSQL: quote bare table names