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#3 Jeremy Kemper - Rails 2.2.1
Showing 15 commits

Hash Date Message
9a88ab6 2008-11-14 Move fixtures settings from AR::TestCase to railties tes...
cbb38bb 2008-11-11 Only track new constant definitions when we're reloading...
278b6cd 2008-11-11 Eliminate excess Regexp creation due to capture counting
5db9f9b 2008-11-11 Pare down object creation during route building
a6d6a1c 2008-11-08 Move sshpublisher require into the rake tasks that use i...
dd77733 2008-11-08 Timeout the connection pool monitor on ruby 1.8 only
7c73518 2008-11-08 Merge branch 'master' of
0be5bc3 2008-11-08 Work around ruby 1.9 segfault
425382d 2008-11-08 Don't worry about attribute ordering
07fe337 2008-11-08 Check whether last arg is a Hash instead of duck-typing ...
aaa2abf 2008-11-08 Use delete if the rhs is nil
1767c4b 2008-11-08 Merge branch 'master' of
983dc80 2008-11-07 Don't shadow local with black arg
66d4b55 2008-11-07 Fix indentation mismatch
b5291ed 2008-11-07 Mark utf-8 encoding