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#3 Jeremy Kemper - Rails 2.3.0
Showing 184 commits

Hash Date Message
a02d752 2009-01-31 Ruby 1.9 compat: omit Rack::Lint from integration tests ...
bc94061 2009-01-31 Fix unsorted array comparison
4790e02 2009-01-31 Ruby 1.9 compat: work around that String is not Enumerable
9714a9b 2009-01-27 Use toplevel reference to ::StringIO since we're in a Ba...
fe013ce 2009-01-17 Fix performance regression
78af271 2009-01-17 Skip respond_to check so rack.input doesn't have to impl...
f1fff0a 2009-01-10 Merge branch 'master' of
ab0ce05 2009-01-10 Introduce transaction_joinable flag to mark that the fix...
223a1d9 2009-01-10 Merge branch 'master' into savepoints
859e150 2009-01-08 Fix test broken by test process changes
0744148 2009-01-07 Remove Content-Length header from :no_content responses
48963a5 2009-01-07 Set assigns for integration tests also
347db97 2009-01-07 Take care not to mix in public methods
c90572e 2009-01-07 Use instance_eval instead of adding an accessor to the c...
35fa007 2009-01-07 Include process methods in ActionController::TestCase on...
0f9e65b 2009-01-07 Object#tap for Ruby < 1.8.7
8736dd3 2009-01-07 Fix failing flash test
851c3de 2009-01-06 Merge branch 'master' of
9b96e8d 2009-01-06 Consolidate test_help requires
84194ce 2009-01-06 Explicitly require AS::TestCase
a500457 2008-12-31 Only silence backtrace from plugin lib dirs
2e1132f 2008-12-31 Test that exceptions raised in filters are properly rescued
c69d8c0 2008-12-30 Fix formatted_* deprecation message
2f9edde 2008-12-30 Clean trailing / after rails root from backtraces
d961592 2008-12-30 Merge branch 'master' of
276ec16 2008-12-29 Merge branch 'master' of
2e053ae 2008-12-22 Don't construct object deprecation proxy if unneeded
6ce4b43 2008-12-19 Cheaper metal cascade
03f6ecc 2008-12-19 Use LogTailer
248391a 2008-12-18 Merge branch 'master' of
86abd68 2008-12-18 Ensure rack.multithread is set back to original value. A...
788ab84 2008-12-18 No need to dup immutable options
c81cd32 2008-12-18 Be sure to call super
a10e473 2008-12-18 Rename Rails::Rack::Logger -> LogTailer. Speed up log mt...
6703f90 2008-12-18 Cheaper log tail time comparison
8905688 2008-12-16 Merge branch 'master' of
19be3d3 2008-12-16 Revert "Make constantize look into ancestors"
0d48408 2008-12-15 Merge branch 'master' of
d45e2c7 2008-12-10 Merge branch 'master' of
b30ae19 2008-12-10 Revert "Fix: counter_cache should decrement on deleting ...
9539543 2008-12-10 Add ActiveRecord::VERSION autoload
e4c0163 2008-12-10 Fix ActionController autoloads
bf25326 2008-12-09 Merge branch 'master' of
781e29b 2008-12-09 Fix tests broken by switch to Pathname
e8c4939 2008-12-09
c3fe6eb 2008-12-09 How'd that sneak in there?
9adcf95 2008-12-09 Fix failing test introduced by optional-format routes
39de112 2008-12-09 Use full path to environment
9b22e56 2008-12-08 Changelog entry for #1294
e631c5d 2008-12-08 Changelog entry for #1397
57f0b97 2008-12-04 Remove config dir from the load path
99f2cb4 2008-12-03 Merge branch 'master' of
0b4858c 2008-12-03 Require rack/utils explicitly
3db59ce 2008-12-03 Unnecessary CGI require
f54ae9a 2008-12-03 Fix failsafe response path. [#1504 state:committed]
eb5e6fe 2008-12-01 Simplify Request#path
4fabc9b 2008-12-01 Simplify REMOTE_ADDR parsing
93456a2 2008-12-01 Deprecated formatted_polymorphic_url
cfb2126 2008-11-30 Load app initializers by path relative to Rails.root
635e2cc 2008-11-30 Extract named_helper module_eval so it's easier to override
9e4621d 2008-11-30 Merge branch 'master' of
8521ceb 2008-11-30 Turn on debugger autoeval
9d2002a 2008-11-27 Merge branch 'master' of
2c43a64 2008-11-27 Ruby 1.9 compat: no Unicode normalization support yet
51e15a6 2008-11-27 Ruby 1.9 compat: CGI#escape_skipping_slashes
5fa8c3b 2008-11-27 MiniTest::Unit#method_name alias for Test::Unit compat
9880baa 2008-11-27 Ensure Test::Unit::Assertions is available
133c349 2008-11-26 Merge branch 'master' of
a88094f 2008-11-26 No need to have #generate and #generate_extras per instance
6599dd9 2008-11-26 Simpler and clearer to just explicitly require the JSON ...
44216d5 2008-11-26 Autoload ActiveSupport::XmlMini
f4cae89 2008-11-26 Require as little of REXML as possible to apply the enti...
27dbc27 2008-11-26 Lazy-require CGI for Object#to_query
ad93212 2008-11-26 Rename use_transactional_fixtures? so it doesn't collide...
b7fef26 2008-11-26 Extract XmlMini. Namespace FileLike extension.
d1213fa 2008-11-26 Rescue OpenSSL::Cipher::CipherError or OpenSSL::CipherEr...
4073a6d 2008-11-26 Remove XmlSimple dependencies
ab8fff2 2008-11-26 Unbundled XmlSimple
8d2ca7d 2008-11-26 Merge branch 'master' of
d9c95c8 2008-11-25 Explicitly require Active Support for tests
b6fd6cc 2008-11-25 AS::Dependencies also has core extensions; don't autoloa...
6482db8 2008-11-25 Explicitly require Action View also
ce50ca1 2008-11-25 Explicitly require AS::Deprecation for the SecretKeyGene...
cb49681 2008-11-25 Skip fcgi dispatcher tests if fcgi lib isn't available
d40bc30 2008-11-25 Explicitly require action_view to bring in its i18n load...
36dcfcf 2008-11-25 Really remove components.
a5870d4 2008-11-25 Rename Rails::Info.components to frameworks
104f3a5 2008-11-25 Add config.preload_frameworks to load all frameworks at ...
d01f75b 2008-11-25 Initializer#env relies on StringInquirer autoload. Style...
536c239 2008-11-24 JSON can't be autoloaded since it includes core extensions
565fad3 2008-11-24 Ruby 1.9 compat: explicitly require delegate for cookie'...
0f07b53 2008-11-24 Require builder before fast_xs so we don't tickle its ov...
720ffdc 2008-11-24 Explicitly require Builder in test that uses it
e06c5be 2008-11-24 Revert "Hack builder to look for fast_xs instead of insi...
2dd0ec4 2008-11-24 Autoload HTML::Document and sanitizers
fb4bb93 2008-11-24 Drop unneeded drb require
95072a6 2008-11-24 Fix dangling tzinfo dependency
6c7463d 2008-11-24 Autoload ActiveSupport::Duration, Gzip, OptionMerger, Or...
e44076f 2008-11-24 Autoload cache stores
49752e6 2008-11-24 Duration requires BasicObject in case it's autoloaded early
1250faa 2008-11-24 Lazy-require tzinfo for TimeZone
0eca811 2008-11-23 Autoload ActiveSupport::SecureRandom and ::MessageVerifier
308876f 2008-11-23 Lazy-require tempfile for File#atomic_write
283418a 2008-11-23 Lazy-require DRb for ActiveSupport::Cache::DRbStore
51d155e 2008-11-23 Lazy-require OpenSSL
c26cb08 2008-11-23 Lazy-require OpenSSL. Skip entirely if SecureRandom is a...
9f5ab94 2008-11-23 Lazy-require XmlSimple. Move CGI require to object conve...
e931012 2008-11-23 Require Mocha >= 0.9.3 which includes a MiniTest adapter
5d3712a 2008-11-23 Hack builder to look for fast_xs instead of insisting on...
6de241b 2008-11-23 Lazy-require builder lib
6de1060 2008-11-23 Changelog for #1448. Mention updating old translations w...
6d91e7a 2008-11-23 Remove explicit tmail requires in favor of autoload
9d4ae40 2008-11-23 Move deprecation assertions so TestCase (and Mocha) need...
2db8571 2008-11-23 Don't hide deeper LoadErrors
e9aa975 2008-11-23 Eliminate thread-local circular reference stack by passi...
4454ff1 2008-11-23 Don't include .rb suffix in core_ext requires
4d2ccbb 2008-11-23 Use a relative require for bundled rack lib
e7208d3 2008-11-23 Get ActiveSupport::TestCase working with classic Test::U...
c79fb32 2008-11-23 Ruby 1.9 compat: don't shadow local var with block arg
dc07c0e 2008-11-23 Fix indentation mismatches
0492759 2008-11-23 MiniTest compat: don't shadow @name
0e2d18e 2008-11-23 Extract state query method definition and quiet method r...
51383c5 2008-11-23 MiniTest compat: don't check for test/unit's assertion i...
a75354f 2008-11-23 Ruby 1.9 compat: don't use defined? on complex expressions
f927a60 2008-11-23 Require mocha >= 0.9.0 for AS tests
53104c3 2008-11-20 Require mocha >= 0.9.0 for Active Support tests. Don't m...
ebdbd85 2008-11-20 Fix straggling references to Test::Unit::TestCase
b7a5ffd 2008-11-20 Update changelog to reflect move from Test::Unit::TestCa...
d8a555e 2008-11-20 Mocha 0.9.0 compatibility for test setup/teardown callbacks
20a3461 2008-11-20 Mocha >= 0.9.0 must be available for Action Pack tests
549388c 2008-11-19 Reflect default locale change from en-US to en
7ee9add 2008-11-19 Enumerable#none? conforms to Ruby 1.8.7 behavior
5b7d07f 2008-11-19 Require mocha for tests. Get rid of uses_mocha helper.
a1ce400 2008-11-19 Require mocha before the testcase overrides, otherwise i...
bedea33 2008-11-19 Eliminate method redefinition warning
5c84151 2008-11-17 Merge branch 'master' of
5a4789e 2008-11-17 Explicitly require test/unit so tests autorun
2ace3d9 2008-11-17 Explicitly require AS::Duration
e3fcf9b 2008-11-17 Use ActiveSupport::TestCase in generated test/test_helpe...
435b088 2008-11-17 Merge branch 'master' of
6ff506f 2008-11-17 Merge branch 'master' of
29a3191 2008-11-16 Lazy-require state machine internals when the module is ...
d7bad6e 2008-11-16 Use the Ruby load path for test_helper requires. Fix AM:...
9e9dde6 2008-11-16 Require callbacks so AS::TestCase may be required in iso...
c5448c7 2008-11-15 Switch to AS::TestCase for assert_deprecated
5fe543b 2008-11-15 Add create_fixtures method for tests
160b8a8 2008-11-15 Set up fixtures for AR tests
0cd9b14 2008-11-15 Appropriate test case subclasses to get assert_tag and a...
eeea1a2 2008-11-15 Merge branch 'master' into testing
1304b66 2008-11-14 Remove superfluous require
d3c36b4 2008-11-14 Merge branch 'master' into testing
98a711f 2008-11-14 Move fixtures settings from AR::TestCase to railties tes...
b17eb65 2008-11-12 Move fixtures settings from AR::TestCase to railties tes...
a0e7b99 2008-11-12 Remove deprecated Gem.manage_gems
02b716a 2008-11-12 Prefer a feature check to a version check
5d2b5ba 2008-11-11 Merge branch 'master' into testing
17ac2a2 2008-11-09 Ruby 1.9 compat: check for minitest's assertion also
1df0a07 2008-11-09 lazy-initialize already loaded fixtures map
d87d3f7 2008-11-09 Ruby 1.9 compat: rescue Exception since minitest's asser...
8bfd5ed 2008-11-09 Wrap straggling mocha user with uses_mocha block
eda9f49 2008-11-09 Ruby 1.9 compat: CGI switched back to Tempfile
8a1f913 2008-11-09 Workaround lack of Mocha on 1.9 (hasn't been updated for...
ace9e53 2008-11-08 Merge branch 'master' into testing
6619806 2008-11-08 Merge branch 'master' into testing
c0310bd 2008-11-08 Merge branch 'master' into testing
0994d11 2008-11-08 Merge branch 'master' into testing
c77e6ac 2008-11-07 Check whether last arg is a Hash instead of duck-typing ...
99648c9 2008-11-07 Don't worry about attribute ordering
110c044 2008-11-07 Use delete if the rhs is nil
582aa2e 2008-11-07 Set up fixtures in app's test_help
1d803e5 2008-11-07 Update AR tests
15c0774 2008-11-07 undef abstract methods instead of raising NotImplemented...
4af46c4 2008-11-07 Update AR integration tests for TestCase changes
c82e8e1 2008-11-07 Move controller assertions from base TestCase to AC:: an...
ebf14ba 2008-11-07 Silence parens warning
b0ee1bd 2008-11-07 Remove fixtures from Test::Unit::TestCase. Mix in AR::Te...
d355921 2008-11-07 Remove controller assertions from Test::Unit::TestCase. ...
00f72cf 2008-11-07 Set AS::TestCase::Assertion to the underlying test excep...
ae9581e 2008-11-07 Extract test method declaration
728606d 2008-11-07 Just rescue exception rather than checking for both mini...
f12a2b4 2008-11-07 Subclass AS::TestCase to get custom assertions
70c2fca 2008-11-07 Safer but hacky minitest autorun override
18099b0 2008-11-07 Rework testing extensions to reflect the recent miniunit...
7b28a55 2008-11-07 Remove direct TestCase mixins. Add miniunit compatibility.