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#3 Jeremy Kemper - Rails 2.3.1
Showing 42 commits

Hash Date Message
9d13b9e 2009-03-05 Fix OrderedHash#inspect recursion
8ef46f0 2009-03-04 Merge branch 'master' of
cb53452 2009-03-04 Fix OrderedHash#to_hash to return self instead of a new ...
a242abb 2009-03-04 Skip backtrace filters if BACKTRACE environment variable...
04fdb6e 2009-03-02 Revert "Speed up script/console by launching IRB directly."
df2adc4 2009-02-27 Merge branch 'master' of
884068a 2009-02-27 Skip console test when using minitest
1ceddd9 2009-02-27 Skip backtrace filter test when using minitest
eb217b2 2009-02-27 Ruby 1.9 compat: limit const_defined?
f732c16 2009-02-27 Invoke tests with the same ruby
dec91a2 2009-02-25 Fix test failure introduced by 6099f261ea7c624aa45b47be7...
e56b3e4 2009-02-24 Update bundled memcache-client from to
57cca81 2009-02-22 Don't depend on project.developers ordering
f4391c3 2009-02-21 Update changelog for URI.unescape fix
69bbbe9 2009-02-21 Broaden URI.unescape fix to all affected 1.9.x by checki...
98ddc64 2009-02-21 URI.unescape fix removes the old unescape method
78c6f48 2009-02-07 Handle either error string or array
24ac1d6 2009-02-07 Oops, don't yield per expression
49afe58 2009-02-06 Test jdbc adapters by default on jruby
a5c98bb 2009-02-06 Test AR integration with jdbcsqlite3 adapter on jruby
9c2918d 2009-02-06 Fix example and exception message
4b48f09 2009-02-06 Work around mock request hashing problem on 1.9 and jruby
f7d5098 2009-02-06 Prefer tap to returning
95dfcc4 2009-02-06 Remove dummy Object#try before aliasing it
468231e 2009-02-06 Avoid circular require
5581229 2009-02-06 Add sibling AS to load path for testing to ensure gems a...
5f56d90 2009-02-06 Use Array.wrap, remove unneeded returning block
676b0c8 2009-02-06 Introduce Array.wrap(foo) to wrap the argument in an arr...
7564d98 2009-02-06 Include failed difference expression in assert message
8746f7c 2009-02-06 Remove dead testing core_ext
86dcfdc 2009-02-06 Work around enumerable string deprecation warnings
a4790e9 2009-02-06 Merge branch 'master' of
34f34e3 2009-02-06 Merge branch 'master' of
6f8ed1c 2009-02-04 Migrations: make default database connection overridable
922c528 2009-02-04 Ruby 1.9 compat: use String#each_line instead of #each
b302e02 2009-02-04 Require rubygems
aa6c718 2009-02-04 Update ci config to use mocha 0.9.5
4d6d2e9 2009-02-04 Merge branch 'master' of
bdaf334 2009-02-04 Ruby 1.9: force ascii encoding for comparison with utf8 ...
2781865 2009-02-04 Bump mocha requirement for Ruby 1.9 compat. Remove uses_...
34a37ea 2009-02-03 Workaround jruby issue with protected module attr_access...
2259ecf 2009-02-03 Don't assume ActiveRecord is available